Anyone else experience this?

I'm just sitting around chilling when suddenly the fact that I'm absolutely miserable hits me like a truck.

Not a fan.

Here’s a bun for you. I ask for nothing in return.

Ouuugh my roommate is really grinding my gears. I'm moving out in a month but it's like he's determined to be as irritating as possible in the meantime.

GoT 8.04 Spoilers 

Anyway I was going through a rough patch but I'm better now and how tf has everyone been??

Had a dream that I was on parole for some reason and I violated it by committing a war crime on Battlefield 5 so they locked me back up.

Good morning!


A quicker Dyrim flat color piece to start the day! Gonna start on something more indulgent next :3


Good Morning everyone. Guess who isn't on overtime rotation this week???

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