πŸ’œ Offering a mastodon exclusive discount for icons!!
πŸ’™ $25 each via paypal or squarecash
(usually $30 on twitter)
πŸ’š Includes both flat colored & shaded versions
πŸ’› Completed by 1/31
🧑 8 slots available
πŸ’– Boosts are super appreciated!

More examples!!
If you're interest just send me a ref and background theme or expression you'd like!

@pankeye these are incredible and i'd love one if you still have slots! what's the best way to message you with ref &c. ?

@rhess omg HEY I did your current icon awhile back lol!! I'm still kinda new to mastodon so I'm not sure if there's a way to send them directly on here, but you can also email them to [email protected] !

@pankeye ahahahahaha no wonder i liked your current stuff so much!! :D i don't really understand mastodon super well either but i'll send you email! this would be for a different character, it would be cool to have more work by you! :D

@rhess ahh sweet sounds good, I really loved the characters you gave me last time n can't wait to draw another one for you!!

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