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While I'm still up here, might as well post more art stuff.

A TWEWY noise commission I got from

some art of @pandorasfox and i that we got a while back, art by trunchbull on FA

this wikipedia disambiguation page doubles as a powerful artistic statement on the duality of man

Can't wait to start replaying TWEWY tonight and get to hear Neku and Shiki go "go Mr. Mew!" / "get 'em, piggy!"

that line is burned into my head and I love it / love their voices.... such a good game.

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Here, have a square foot of bunny this morning, stolen from imgur.

Yiff.Life now has an updated CoC and "More" page - check it out at

normal person: "baked beans are a food"

furry: "baked beans is a stoned paw fetishist"

does have a puppy as good as me??? oh fuck they have a fuck ton of good puppies im going to go out of business

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