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🎨 Nowandlater ❤️

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Hi! I'm Cass! Longer introduction here. Feel free to follow request me.

I'm a systems programmer with her CS degree from RPI. I work on a lot of stuff, from low-level C to gross webdev stuff.

I play a lot of Rainbow 6 Siege, so feel free to hit me up for that any time :3c

Good evening to all our new users!

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- Remember to have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions!
- Feel free to keep an eye on the local and federated timelines, that's where Things Happen
- Our staff are @sky @Tam @aimee @pandorasfox @Saxxon and @Callie !
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Did some more badges for @sky @/tsukiyo_fur and @/RhyeRhythm on Twitter! Still doing of these floral headshot badges for MFF pick up for $20!! Dm me on here or on Telegram (@/Cosmic_Vega) to get one!

Travelin' westward with @dargon_lover 🦊❤️🐉

I'm seriously super happy & lucky to have ever met him.... And I'm even happier and luckier that we'll be moving in together in a couple short months ;;;;

🎨 c:


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Beans in space


I really love this piece!!! OMG!!!! It's so beany.....

there are two things you need to know about me

1) i really like espeons

2) i really like the PMD explorers of sky soundtrack

Beans in space


I really love this piece!!! OMG!!!! It's so beany.....

Inkh and I love to be cute wherever we are.... 🦊❤️🐉

nowandlater is the artist (for both pieces, both this one and the one that inspired this!!)


panic! at the pizza hut
panic! at the taco bell
panic! at the combination pizza hut and taco bell

[Me, sobbing] You can't just call whatever you see a file, Linux.

[Linux, points at hard drive] /dev/sda

[Me] Please, no

[Linux, points at controller] /dev/input/js0

[Linux, points at the ever present void, just at the edge of our vision that we all try so hard to ignore] /̵͉͒̈d̸͍̙̯͝e̶͔͗v̷͒̏̚͜/̸̺̝͆ṅ̸̫u̴̟̓̍͘l̶̦̣̃̃͝l̷͚̩̋

Got a surprise gift from @Inazuma !! They’re such a good friendo to me ☺️ please shower the snep with love

I'm a noisy fox UwU

(I really love this TWEWY noise commission!! It's one of my top 5 games c: )

artist is :3

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