obscured nudity, bath water, alcohol 

Long day at work today, complete with driving out of town onto some ranch and wandering the chaparral to recover a spot tracker from a weather balloon. Taking a well-deserved bath with an equally well-deserved cold sake.

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moneybeg, boosts ✅ 

Sadly gotta do another one of these, I'm like $380 short for making rent next month so I'm tryna scrape together what I can. In the meantime if anyone wants to help out at all, any amount would be very appreciated once again 💜

Thanks ;w;


Popping in for an I-haven’t-been-on-here-in-forever hello.



implied horny, strong top/bottom vibes 

I wish I would get more frequent urges to draw than just once every couple of years when a random conversation triggers a spark.

In this case, it was about whether cheetahs have the same bottom energy as foxes. I’d argued that IRL foxes are theatrically submissive, whereas IRL cheetahs have that “gonna drag you to the ground and savage you” feel. The very good point was made that they are lithe and rather twinky. Hence…

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NSFW furry art, M/M 

More lewdies.

And this is all I’ve drawn of them… for now. I definitely intend to draw more when I can, though.

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NSFW furry art, M/M 

That drawing was not the first time I drew these characters, of course.

Here they are, being a lot lewder.

They *like* being lewder.

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All right, let’s inaugurate this.

- Tsy Tahotra, Tsy Henatra -
(“Without fear, without shame”)

This Malagasy idiom usually has negative connotations (in the sense of being brazen), but on the other hand, isn’t that what we all should be?

(originally drawn for Pride Month 2020, so posting this on Coming Out Day is fitting.)

oral/PiV sex, medications, blocked orgasm 

Home from the overnight shift. Pets fed, trash out, wife cuddled…then eaten out…then fucked. Worked a nice climax out of her, quickly too. Thanks to Zoloft and Strattera, my finish was…elusive. Ok, less elusive and more nowhere to found. The no-clean-up bit is still nice, but sometimes it would nice to fill her up.

Anyway, g’ni…g’mornin, y’all! I hope your day is as gorgeous and as wonderful as you are!

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This was one of my final ArtFight pieces this year, and it still feels like one of my best works to-date

CW'd b/c artistic nudity; nothing explicit

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incel, excel, fig 

a venn diagram lifted from twitter with no remorse or shame

Evenin’, y’all. It’s been *checks notes* something like eight or nine months since the last time I logged on to Mastodon. How are you beautiful people and what glorious deeds have I missed?

yeah more cc 

Anon asked: Do you have to pollute the air?
Don't you think that everybody has to breath your ejaculate is just gross? — old_pines: I have gone on record as being quite against seasonal plant spunk issues. I cannot begrudge my fellows their need to procreate, but damn do I need to breathe. (Also, this pine pollinates bugger-all after the Voluntary Pruning of 2008. Cones in place, but no pollen to be found.) curiouscat.me/old_pines/post/9

more curious cat 

Anon asked: What kind of pine are you? — old_pines: I've made the joke, after stepping into the furry subculture, that I'm an Abies lasiocarpa (North American fir)…a "firry", if you will. Pinus aristata is probably a better fit, though.


curious cat 

Anon asked: Hi, i currently sit at an history test, and i'm totaly unprepared, can you help me?
1.) When was the lupine-vulpine war and who won it?
2.) Through what new technology did the former underlying side win?
3.) Why did the coyotes chanced sides after the introduction of… — old_pines answered:
I don't condone cheating…
1) Dunno which one you mean. The Lupine Expansion from BCE 4287-4253—particularly the Vulpine Suppression of 4262—was the first major…


Hey, psst!

Yeah, you there. C’mere.



*leans in*

You’re pretty ok, y’know that?

*leans in closer*

Like, you’re great. Despite all your ingrained self-loathing and distrust of your own senses, despite all the aggressions you’ve turned against yourself, despite all the times you felt alone, unwelcome, you are fucking fantastic.

*uncomfortably close now, radiant body heat tangible against your skin*

‘Kay…Imma go now.

pine face 

Fuck, it’s so good to have this beard grown back out. My face’s privacy hedge is doing it’s job, hiding my front garden once more. Now…to get it long enough to braid…

(Gotta make up for the fact that my scalp’s wearing too thin to pull off long locks anymore.)

Could stand to see some positivity right about now. Who’s got happy shit going on in their lives?

moderately lewdish 

Anon asked: How often do you find yourself needing to “take care of things” when reading or writing a hot scene? — I take it you're asking if I find myself shaking my shortest branch to relieve myself of accumulated sap while I get to an erotic moment in a story. Wait…that doesn't work. Strictly speaking, sap is analogous to blood. Never mind.

I dunno what sort of minority this puts me in, but I don't get riled up enough…


Anon asked: what is your opinion of wood chippers? — That's vaguely threatening, in a Fargoish sort of way.

I don't like them very mulch.


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