implied horny, strong top/bottom vibes 

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NSFW furry art, M/M 

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NSFW furry art, M/M 

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All right, let’s inaugurate this.

- Tsy Tahotra, Tsy Henatra -
(“Without fear, without shame”)

This Malagasy idiom usually has negative connotations (in the sense of being brazen), but on the other hand, isn’t that what we all should be?

(originally drawn for Pride Month 2020, so posting this on Coming Out Day is fitting.)

oral/PiV sex, medications, blocked orgasm 

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This was one of my final ArtFight pieces this year, and it still feels like one of my best works to-date

CW'd b/c artistic nudity; nothing explicit

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incel, excel, fig 

Evenin’, y’all. It’s been *checks notes* something like eight or nine months since the last time I logged on to Mastodon. How are you beautiful people and what glorious deeds have I missed?

yeah more cc 

more curious cat 

curious cat 

Hey, psst!

Yeah, you there. C’mere.



*leans in*

You’re pretty ok, y’know that?

*leans in closer*

Like, you’re great. Despite all your ingrained self-loathing and distrust of your own senses, despite all the aggressions you’ve turned against yourself, despite all the times you felt alone, unwelcome, you are fucking fantastic.

*uncomfortably close now, radiant body heat tangible against your skin*

‘Kay…Imma go now.

pine face 

Could stand to see some positivity right about now. Who’s got happy shit going on in their lives?

moderately lewdish 

Anon asked: what is your opinion of wood chippers? — That's vaguely threatening, in a Fargoish sort of way.

I don't like them very mulch.

Anon asked: What kinds of nonfiction do you like? — Natural history is a big one for me. I used to have a set of Stephen Jay Gould books that I loved reading, but they vanished in some long-ago-and-far-away move. Gould's descriptive style and humor left a serious mark on me. I enjoyed The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert Bakker. I also liked The Song of the…

Anon asked: Did you go to college? What degree did you pursue? — I did one year at University of Minnesota's Duluth campus. I cannot for the life of me remember which I went for first, but one semester was Teaching (angling for English/Language Arts) and the other was Psychology (with the aim of becoming a guidance counselor). Neither was a good choice for me. Uni wasn't a bright move on my part, to begin with…

Anon asked: Would you rather live in a world with magic but no technology or a world with technology but no magic? — I'd argue that applied magic _is_ technology. Technology is just the application of concrete knowledge. If we lived in a world where, for instance, one could…

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