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more curious cat 

curious cat 

Hey, psst!

Yeah, you there. C’mere.



*leans in*

You’re pretty ok, y’know that?

*leans in closer*

Like, you’re great. Despite all your ingrained self-loathing and distrust of your own senses, despite all the aggressions you’ve turned against yourself, despite all the times you felt alone, unwelcome, you are fucking fantastic.

*uncomfortably close now, radiant body heat tangible against your skin*

‘Kay…Imma go now.

pine face 

Could stand to see some positivity right about now. Who’s got happy shit going on in their lives?

moderately lewdish 

Anon asked: what is your opinion of wood chippers? — That's vaguely threatening, in a Fargoish sort of way.

I don't like them very mulch.

Anon asked: What kinds of nonfiction do you like? — Natural history is a big one for me. I used to have a set of Stephen Jay Gould books that I loved reading, but they vanished in some long-ago-and-far-away move. Gould's descriptive style and humor left a serious mark on me. I enjoyed The Dinosaur Heresies by Robert Bakker. I also liked The Song of the…

Anon asked: Did you go to college? What degree did you pursue? — I did one year at University of Minnesota's Duluth campus. I cannot for the life of me remember which I went for first, but one semester was Teaching (angling for English/Language Arts) and the other was Psychology (with the aim of becoming a guidance counselor). Neither was a good choice for me. Uni wasn't a bright move on my part, to begin with…

Anon asked: Would you rather live in a world with magic but no technology or a world with technology but no magic? — I'd argue that applied magic _is_ technology. Technology is just the application of concrete knowledge. If we lived in a world where, for instance, one could…

Anon asked: Did your appetite for coffee ever come back? — Somewhat. I can't say that I am fully "back on my bullshit", but I am drinking coffee again. That fever a while back killed my desire for coffee hard for a few weeks. It just finally came back properly a week or so ago. (Just in time for 100º temps to come around and make hot beverages distasteful.)

Hey, anyone wanna help me stave off the scrabbling claws of existential dread with a moment or two of escapist nonsense? Shoot some Qs my way and I'll A 'em.

Then she posted it on a crochet group she’s in on Facebook and people have gone apeshit. We’re seriously pondering buying a $140 button press and kit of our own now. :/

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Since I basically never get a lunch break I used some button-making supplies from work a few weeks ago to made four buttons.

[The far right of the four is a gift icon I received from @/TortieBoo on Twitter.]

Yesterday I *cough* borrowed a couple more buttons worth of materials and did two for the wife. In the morning, I quickly doodled a little yarn ball and crochet hook and added the phrase “The next person to ask what I’m ‘knitting’ gets an S-hook up their ass.” She loved it.

irl snakes mating 

How the hell are you folks? I get on this platform so fucking seldom, I’m way out of touch. Y’good, masto?


lewd, lassturbation 

End of May: Arkansas River flooding like her gf just told her she bought a new strap-on, still trying to clear the remnants of an infection out of my lungs, barely getting any time for writing, can’t keep up between twitter/discord/mastodon so the latter hasn’t gotten much love (sorry), and my body has lost its desire for coffee.

That’s here in a nutshell. How are you doing, lovelies?

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