Damn this whole month really really sucked didnt it

Thinking about the phrase "radical extremist", and how it implies the existence of mainstream extremists and radical centrists.

...okay, the latter is a thing.

Oops I slept thru a new years zoom w my family oh noooooo lmao

I am likely too poorly rested to be on social media today tbf

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Sucking & Fucking: In Space

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Back at Church gig.

Feels... church. Also, Money.

It's fine, it's a job and it could be much worse. Gets me out of bed on a Sunday, and makes it worth my while.

Would be cool if you could just, give me the money and I could stay home. Sleep in.

Would be cool.

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Omg I love this so much.

I really need to lern to play some Hollow Knight...


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Why "Dab" when you could (correctly) Daub.

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I keep having recurring midly invasive thoughts of an old-tymey song in the style of Al Jolson or whatever except the lyrics are explicitly and directly About Fucking and doesn't hide it whatsoever.

What the rest of you are supposed to do with this information, I cannot say.

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Alright, all my east coast friends are waking up. I should really actually got to sleep now lmao

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[Gives the stink-eye to the smol explosions outside] You fuckin drunk ass dipshits had plenty of time to set off fireworks 2 hours ago. Go to bed.

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Time to drink de blood and smoke de veed.

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Munky New Year!!!

Yeah I already posted this but now it's REALLY Munky New Year for me. :3

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[gay jokes about figgy pudding]

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Finished this just in time to pass out. Art by Brandon, lines by yours truly.

Where they struttin off to?

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Also, why does Ken Jennings find the idea of Wario breast-feeding so erotic?

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