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someone lewd at me ffs I don't post lewd on public main static void to have it disappear >://C

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sleepy and lewd- oh it's analvore apparently nvm 

thicc lewd 

An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [2/9] 

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🎶 and in awe I tarried to watch it, troubled as I go 🎶

lewd shitpost 

or worse, you save it as the native filetype, but everything gets trashed when you reopen it later


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@compufox can I use Vim and LaTeX instead

*consults the great fluffy brain uwu*

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yep gonna indent these lines until I don't and then you can't figure out why it stops working but now you gotta reset the margins to fix it and it works until you close it

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working with libreoffice and remembering how much I hate office software

y'all ever phrase something in a way that makes you wanna cry because that's this post right here

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