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some FANTASTIC art arrived from new german art pal @fragmentscenario ! (gotta not be lazy and mail a bunch of stuff back now)

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"yiff in hell?? when do i START? let me get my luggage!"

rip the good amazon, death to the bad amazon

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Custom #MtG card for @midyif, aka “Kyla, Leonin Duelist”

[Kyla, Leonin Duelist :mtg_2: :mtgw: :mtgu: ]
[Legendary Creature — Cat Rogue]
[First strike, hexproof, exalted

Whenever Kyla, Leonin Duelist deals
combat damage to a player, you may draw a
card. If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on
Kyla, Leonin Duelist.]

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august is always so weird bc it still feels like the first part of the year to my brain and then suddenly it's september and i'm like damb

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do you kiss your homies goodnight with that mouth bro

update: got a few tight form-fitting black tank-tops for cute midriff, i am slowly becoming an irl Roll Caskett, just as fate always intended

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if anyone is interested and wants the file, i have a config for TF2 that makes it super chunky low-poly and i'm really loving The Aesthetics of it

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a super fun part of being a trans man is being constantly afraid of doing anything effeminate, but not wanting to talk about it because it sounds very similar to the way cis men are afraid to be effeminate. like i'm not scared someone will call me gay i'm terrified people will use it as evidence that i'm not a man at all

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If a cat falls asleep next to you that means they love you

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it's thursday, the tuesday of friday

now i just need to find the upper-body equivalent to leggings so i can feel sexy abt wearing crop tops

@midyif it turns out that the secret to finally feeling comfortable in shorts was cute black leggings

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