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RoboCop (1987, Paul Verhoeven):

a dead guy is resurrected as a robot named RoboCop, but after learning about police corruption and regaining his humanity he finally lives a life of peace with his true name, Robo

saying a thing you personally happen to do is 'queer culture' is queer culture

had too many half-filled sketchbooks around so i bought a binder and a holepunch

oh hey, just noticed that Twidere is back up on the google play store, it's the only app i'm aware of that can comine twitter and mastodon into one feed!

dream sequences in media are only compelling or necessary when they add something to the story, helping reveal emotions/plot/turmoil of a character in a new way that only a dream can

some examples of effective dream sequences:
The Burbs, Office Space, Super Mario Brothers 2

sorry i haven't been on masto much! (the app i used that mixed it with my twit feed died)

i'll try to lurk more often again!

have this

finished (for now!) my trilogy of non-linear MM2 levels + put them in the new world feature

try 'em if ya haven't!

MAKER ID: 407 - TRT - K5G

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