hrt, + 

cute soft bunney plush i love her
(from follylolly)
and also she has a LIL TAIL!!!

Lewd? Browsers 

@Gumby sorry for follow requesting again, I literally was like "I should clear out the non mutuals" like, 10 minutes ago =p

Pacman 99 first impressions 

Catcalling my friends (I call them on the phone only to say meow and hang up)

You: oh gosh I asked Alexis out I hope our date goes well, I'm so nervous!! I wonder what she'll wanna talk about...

Me, 10 minutes into our date: so even though we've discovered Arbitrary Code Execution in the original N64 version of Ocarina of Time, there are still many discoveries and skips to find in the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time, since although it's basically the same game....

songposting, depression 

feeling some sort of strong emotional energy I can't articulate tonight, but what's new

been feeling comfier with mastodon lately, I'll try to do ramblings here more often, still don't want to just crosspost my twitt posts, feels lazy !

@EeveeEuphoria may be a long shot, but an idea I had, if you were only searching jp twitter for poke days, I wonder if some may also be hiding in pixiv tags? might be a bigger pain to search

like all binaries the tit vs ass binary is detrimental to all in its grasp

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