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cyberpunk hell future where your fursona and online usernames are included on official government IDs

clout piñata

1 like = 1 hit
boost to invite your followers to the party

you may think i never post anything lewd on this account but surprise, personalities are the hottest things of all

*stares at the bumpey shapes on a plain painted wall*

"hey have you seen this wild shit

hey what's with people who are shitty abt people who laugh at their own jokes, jokes are for your benefit too, i think that's cute and good tbh

bad news everyone, i just learned that if we impeach the president there will be another president

yeah, I squirt and swallow* ;)

*ranch dressing directly into my mouth

PSA: limited Kirby theme in Tetris 99 for a couple days, it's super cute and easy to unlock!🌟

“Did you know #microfiction is an emerging art form that is getting quite popular?” she asked me.

“How did you pronounce that hashtag out loud?” I gasped.

“Anything is possible in microfiction,” she said. “Within the character limit, anyway.”

After an eternity, we parted ways.

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