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So yeah happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I'm busy with family today but I'm gonna see if I can't keep up with using masto more going forward.

Since I was last active here I've been practicing more with photography and going to a few cons. I also discovered I'm non-binary fairly recently! Maybe leaning a little more on the femme side? Still something I'm exploring but uh yeah that's new!

Did my best to get some shots of the fancy furry blood werewolf moon or whatever it's called tonight. Camera is... so bad at low light stuff and everything came out blurry but I got some usable stuff that I'm not entirely unhappy with!

Hell yeah finally got my new domain purchased and configured into my site. Re-hosted now on AWS and everything!

I'd been meaning to do this for months glad I finally knocked it out! Lemme know what y'all think!!

Hi I'm Mervyn and I don't want to be back at work today

I am... so tired. got zero sleep last night and both espresso and a huge red bull (not at the same time) haven't been able to keep me alert. also my fridge is broken so today's just GREAT

aaaa that's a lot of words I shoulda cw'd that

not sure if I should even bother with new year's resolutions but 2018 was super good for me in terms of falling more into who I am and getting more involved in the fandom. 10 years being a furry and I finally went to not one but two fur cons last year. I'd love to continue that this year, to be more of an activist and continue to surround myself with good friends and meet even more cool new people. this fandom is amazing and I'm so glad to be finally finding my place in it, love y'all

Happy new year from EST!

I got nothing insightful here and time is meaningless but here's hoping for a good 2019!

Seriously wishing I did head home tonight actually, I've got nothing to do this evening half my family's off at parties and I could be at least playing games with friends back home

alcohol mention 

Commence new year's plan of sitting in my room watching netflix and wishing I had more alcohol

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