Time for quarantine to be bearable again


Quarantine lunch

I'm not allowed to touch most of the food in the kitchen while I'm sick

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The cool and good thing about American healthcare is that this 1cm pill costs as much as a AAA video game but I don't risk my health by not buying a new game every morning :)

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local fox follows their dreams

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Oh heck I should post a "come find me at MFF" post so uh. Come find me at MFF!


Did you know you can just do whatever the hell you want

Did my best to get some shots of the fancy furry blood werewolf moon or whatever it's called tonight. Camera is... so bad at low light stuff and everything came out blurry but I got some usable stuff that I'm not entirely unhappy with!

Can't believe I forgot to post this the other day anyway merry belated snmgfiehp

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