Quarantine lunch

I'm not allowed to touch most of the food in the kitchen while I'm sick

thoughts (~) 

I really had a blast at BRFF and I'm glad I went, really amazing time. but... feeling a little sick since yesterday

I'm pretty sure it's just a cold, one of my roommates was a lil sick with one over the weekend, but ugh I don't need this

and yes but what a shame, what a shame there's no tp at the store

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The cool and good thing about American healthcare is that this 1cm pill costs as much as a AAA video game but I don't risk my health by not buying a new game every morning :)

mh (-) 

god I've just felt stressed and sad from work for the past couple weeks to the point where even knowing I'm heading to a con tomorrow isn't helping. I can barely focus on anything today

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I could be home right now ignoring work and playing new Ori

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Yesterday coworker was complaining that he was in the office alone so I came in today and nobody's here why do I bother.

Big part of my excitement for BRFF is getting to visit asheville again I wanna climb a mountain with a bunch of fursuiters

I'm hoping if I just use the crossposter at least I won't like, post once and then go quiet for 4 months

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Gonna try to,,, actually use this platform again maybe,,,,,,

food ment 

β€ͺEvery time I go to Panera I think about how much bread I eat while trying to lose weight. But then I think about how good bagel taste.‬

god I did NOT prepare properly for taking pics at MFF. packed so much equipment and didn't think to get some extra memory cards so I just ran out of space after the first two days. now I'm trying to sort through what I backed up to my laptop and transfer it back to the card to put on my desktop aaaaa

Packing for the con is actually kinda bittersweet cause all three of my roommates are no longer able to make it, so I'm gonna be alone in the hotel. Still gonna see plenty of friends I think but whoof money...


Did you know you can just do whatever the hell you want

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