Haul time~~ (1070Ti was already owned by me, just in the pile to show the new rig better uwu)

Plus various networking bits for the family to wire some rooms for CAT7~ yiff.life/media/SSZUEqHjOldqkn yiff.life/media/HSO8_Kox7cN2bF

God I'm excited!! Today I'm going shopping with @hydro to finish getting ready for uni~~ :D

There is now a "clear previous aliases" button on Steam. Useful if you need to remove your deadname or gendered names from the list.

apple event opinions 

The lack of AirPower is still fucking hilarious, but I get the feeling they'll have another event before the end of the year with iPads, Macs and AirPower

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apple event opinions 

I legit want an Apple Watch, the extra health stuff further sells me on it, as does the redesign

I will likely get an XR sometime

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apple event opinions 

New phones seem cool, that chip seems fucking amazing. The XR seems like a decent deal, wish it was a little more cheaper if they were skimping on the second camera (though patching up the portrait mode with machine learning is cool) and the lack of 3D Touch (though at work I didn't really hear what Haptic Touch that replaces it was meant to be).

XS and XM look really nice if you have like, all the money.

I could say so much good about the fighting and web-slinging mechanics in this here Spider-Man game, they're just... *chef kiss*

Spider-man is just like... the best boy

I don't make the rules

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And the award for the most dickish Secret Shop placement I've ever seen in Spelunky goes to... :P

I may have made some mistakes...
I should have known better than to touch any shiny ball in Maxwell's magic shop...


Tonight has been me reintroducing myself to Overwatch, playing a bunch of Brigette to get the 9 wins I needed to get this dang D.Va skin

Hope y'all are having a lovely Sunday/Monday! 🧡

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