I'm going to see another queer person for the first time since last winter in a little over a week and they're also one of my best friends and I'm just so happy I'm still alive and I'm me and my friends are OK and I'm Roo

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slavoj žižek is basically what would happen if max stirner took over mark hamill's body in the same way that dio's severed head physically latches on to and possesses jonathan joestar's corpse

gushing about my favorite album in the universe 

polygondwanaland is a royalty-free album and as a result all vinyl distributors put different art on the back and I'm obsessed with what I got with my copy

pooltoy kangy art 

Hey I'm back on masto which means I get to repost these drawings @frengersfur on birdsite surprised me with!!! I love them so much I'm still cryING

kangaroos? on YOUR timeline??? it's more likely than you think

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