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like genuinely if u dont like what i post please just mute or block me i dont need the pressure of needing to actively declare everything i post to the world before ppl look at it, obviously im going to warn for potentially triggering stuff but considering theres no enforced specific set of guidelines people are supposed to use for cw'ing not everyone is going to agree upon exactly how to tag their media....

what i rlly like abt this site: the community, the ability to use content warnings, the actual moderation, the actual proactive banning of bad content and bigotry

what i do not like abt this site: that you are expected to warn for every minute detail of what you are posting, and if you dont or wont not only will people judge you but you might be risking being disciplined by mods

i understand the need for content warnings but ive seen a lot of people get passive aggressive about it recently 😒

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i will try to get back to everyone about art trades some time tonight! after i finish up commissions haha

definitely not a stupid question related to my last few posts: How do you dm people on this website

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sooooo.....................are nsfw art trades a popular thing around here? :blobeyes:

since i never did intros i might as well join in on ! here's me/my boy who currently just shares my name (shep) i designed him pretty recently but hes my main sona right now. a big ol' beauceron boy

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ok "mental health" makes a lot more sense given the context of when i see it i am so sorry i thought everyone was just really upset about monster hunter related stuff

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