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To everyone who is interested in making a magic system with me: it's gonna get too complex to use Mastodon's limited voting system for this pretty quickly, so I am also going to be working from Google docs.

You should be able to comment on the document using this link:

Input is very welcome! If anything becomes a point of contention it'll end up as a new vote on here!

*applies sunscreen*
*Reapplies sunscreen*
*Still gets sunburned*

Florida why you such a vindicative bitch what'd I ever do to you to deserve getting roasted the day before a wedding

super villain with mutated kinda arm thing 

Hey Google how do I apologize for Party Rockin without coming off weird

Hey @serioussalad, did you delete a post? Because it won't let me reply to it lol

Due to a scheduling error, no one is expecting me to be anywhere on Tuesday so I'm only going to exist due to personal request

Florida feels like soup and it's only April why is it just Like That here I'm a New England ho

So how many of you cuties wanna come snuggle and listen to horror podcasts?? 🤔

COVID @ work musing 

Oh is anybody actually interested in the system? I actually wrote a bunch of it down lol

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Love to play games with furs online including deerboi and the crush of the guy who broke my heart last year

furry meta 

Love to use my three semesters of organic chemistry to make a new magic system during lab meeting *sips coffee*

My flatmates and I are starting a boy band, we're called the Winthrop Twins, none of us really are boys but we all have short hair. The dapper one has actual musical talent, the "oldest brother twin justin mcelroy" twin will stand and sway with lights behind us, and the dark brooding twin (me but I have to wear black eye shadow) will do taiko and basically fuck up the ukulele music

We're not gonna be popular lol

My brain: hey you should talk about deerboi more

Me: dude no I have a brand here probably and he can't just override that

My brain: but you got a screenshot of him doing the most himbo thing you've ever seen in your life

Me: ...okay fine but that's only gonna be available by popular demand

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