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To everyone who is interested in making a magic system with me: it's gonna get too complex to use Mastodon's limited voting system for this pretty quickly, so I am also going to be working from Google docs.

You should be able to comment on the document using this link:

Input is very welcome! If anything becomes a point of contention it'll end up as a new vote on here!

Hey everyone, me and my boyfriend @Stereoscopic need to replace our bed as soon as possible. We are both heavy so we need a sturdy, high end bed that will last us long and allow us to sleep well, as the poor quality of our sleep currently has a negative effect on our health and well-being.

We cannot afford such an expense by ourselves just now so we are making a PayPal pool if people want to help us. Please consider helping if you can!

Boosts appreciated.

I think people really underestimate how much a good bed does for your health

someone: and what's your name

me: (realising i left my 'what's my name' cheat sheet home) uhhhh

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basically i relate to jrpg protagonists because i, too, freeze when asked my name


The grad school apps that are due today are now all finished and I can finally sleeeeeeeeeeep

the #ASL word for "trans" is the same morpheme as "beautiful" but signed over your heart, where you'd sign self 😭

(image/caption: via carodoodles on birdsite: )

Fake advertisement 

Wtf happened in this neuro meeting I just spent 15 minutes sketching torsos to look at spine torsion for dance lines

Oh look it's time for a meeting and I should be reading articles by Einar Sigurdsson but instead there is one thing on my mind... Attractive people

Okay time for Coda to shut up I have a meeting at early o'clock to prepare for

Griping, mh 

Shirtless selfies, no ec 

In case anyone is keeping track of my grad school application process (aka I am losing my will to live because I've worked in this field for 2 years and can't remember jack shit), of the 7 due tomorrow?

5 are submitted and paid for! Still finishing the personal statements for the last 2, one of which is just grammar editing.

I'm almost done! I don't even want this anymore it's so draining holy shit!!

zootopia take 

Logan Handsomepants just had his number vest slip off and he tripped over it, doing like a backflip in the air

he is okay

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