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Does anyone know someone who can help design a tattoo? I've wanted this geometric deer head one for a while but my design capabilities are zilch and the people I've spoken to about it already have all had to dip out for one reason or another

I'm fully willing to pay for this so I'm not looking for free handouts this is a real commission lol

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To everyone who is interested in making a magic system with me: it's gonna get too complex to use Mastodon's limited voting system for this pretty quickly, so I am also going to be working from Google docs.

You should be able to comment on the document using this link:

Input is very welcome! If anything becomes a point of contention it'll end up as a new vote on here!

Incomprehensible threat of the day:

I'm going to steal your kneecaps and use them for a bra

Very nsfw 


Of /course/ there can be straight characters! But only if they're trans :blobhearttranscat:

i did the me as other animals meme on twitter and i went... more realisitic than usual

ksbd will literally have a character turn towards the camera and narrate why someone is bad and the commenters will ignore it

Oh wait it's dark at 6:15 it's like actually autumn

I just forget because it's been too hot for me to wear pants >:c

No, no. You misunderstand. It's a rooftop THEMED bar. It's in the basement.

The worst part is wanting to interact with the posts but then it wouldn't be lurking :sadcowboy:

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Just went through everyone who liked my lurking post and lemme tell you that I found some excellent things while lurking 👀

Some person looking for directions to a lab on my floor: *is softly masculine-presenting, has The Gay Voice™️, and has multiple random items on their bag*

Me: *humanity restored*

wow okay the last 24 hours have been nothing good and keep actively getting worse

what the fuck

Ballroom instructor, talking about what part of your foot is landing for steps: heel, heel, heel, heel, heel, heel, heel

Me, who has been getting more into pup culture: Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *shakes*

It should be illegal to cut water or power to a residence.

Also I swear I spawn horniness around me I'm so sorry y'all I honestly don't try to be slutty all the time it just sorta happens

Me: I should get to sleep earlier, I keep not getting enough sleep recently

My body, at 4:00 AM: you fool! I will never let your plans work >:3c

Ballroom got cancelled today and I cannot pull myself out of this slump because of it

Today had been good but everything has gone wrong after 5

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