Bird site seems to be full of Princess Bowser right now. I’m kind of surprised this place apparently isn’t.

Mastodon gripe 

As much as people rag on Twitter's non-chronological timeline, I think they're really doing something right with how they present self-reply threads, where the first message shows up on the top instead of the bottom and is visually connected to the others.

Here on Mastodon I frequently click a CW only to discover it's a latter message in a thread. I wish Mastodon would handle threads like Twitter.

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hot fediverse tip: reach out and reply with nice messages to strangers' general toots

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in CS they don't say "the network switch is having kernel problems" they say "Panic! at the cisco" and I think that's beautiful

Hey folks! I’m a trans woman who works as a computer programmer. I’m also a wife to an amazing woman, mother to an incredibly cute daughter, and gamer. I love RPGs (current fixation is FFXIV) but I play most genres. My avatar is Terra from FFVI.

I don’t really expect to toot much, though I’m always happy to reply to people.

I'm also @[email protected] but I'll probably stop using that account.

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