once again huge thank you to @wgahnagl for figuring out the whole payment thing because pretty much nothing works

we have a paypal link too now

(please ignore the fundraiser goal, we'll almost definitely not need that much but we don't have a good estimate of how much everything will cost)

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ua, nft 

soo some people want to "make nfts" for the ukraine? what the hell does this mean

the unicode emoji set has the emotional bandwidth of concrete

I'm a disabled trans woman living in ukraine. Me and my family are currently trying to leave the country
So far we are getting by but every bit helps! Any donations or boosts are welcome!

( @wgahnagl is handling the donations since getting money into ukraine directly is nearly impossible )

venmo: wgahnagl

@[email protected] Iโ€™m replacing a rich, white, man with myself a richer, whiter, man โ€‹:thanos:โ€‹


opinions and thoughts on sagernet?

I found this morning that addresses an issue I have encountered personally - that female candidates for office often get asked about their abilities to both run for and hold office while also being a parent of a child. This is the sort of question NOT asked, usually, of male candidates.

In the attached article, a woman running for state senate in New York had a Zoom meeting with a "progressive" group that managed to find the time to ask the "do you have the time?" question twice in the space of five minutes. This had a discouraging effect on the candidate and one member of the group resigned afterwards out of disappointment. However, no one called out the questions during the meeting, and that underscores the importance of doing so when the opportunity arises, if you can.

But, ultimately, the "do you have the time" question is always answered by the candidate themselves. The answer is always "yes", otherwise they wouldn't be running.


I don't like whataboutism but I also REALLY don't like American politics

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