asking for money, boost = thank 

mutual aid request, escaping from abusive parents :boost_requested: 

if you want to support a struggling trans nonbinary musician/ photographer

it'd be much appreciated as I don't profit off of my work, but I do need to eat and pay bills


"This fund is for queer writers of color who are in critical need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With thanks to the Philadelphia Assembly and the Money in the Streets initiative, we'll be able to provide 40 queer writers of color with $250 each.
This fund will prioritize trans women writers of color.
The deadline to apply is May 13 at 11:59PM PST. You will be notified in late May of your status."

mutual aid request 

Cancer, begpost 

help out a black transman in law school (donations, ok to boost) 

Take care of yourself so you can keep being awesome.

Crowdfunding $695/$2000

My friend Mickey, a Black trans person, is getting their first gender affirming surgery in late April. They’ll be out of work for a while recovering, so they’re crowdfunding for rent, utilities, travel costs to appointments, recovery supplies, and more.

Please consider boosting and/or contributing <3

Cashapp: $mickeyjaytee

transphobia, anti-blackness, abuse 

Fundraiser for shooting victim. 

financial assistance request, boosts requested 2/2 

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financial assistance request, boosts requested 1/2 

Money, help needed, please boost 

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Hey so

My one girlfriend is a young trans girl living in NC. She is facing homelessness in like two weeks-ish, if not sooner. She doesn't have any options for an income because of her depression, there are no options for housing that either of us can find. Her abusive parents are actively violent and hunting her down and the pharmacy just refused to refill her estrogen. She's running out of options and neither of us know what to do.

If you could donate or reboost it would mean so fucking much to us. Even just a little bit, whatever you can manage.

financial help request, boosts appreciated 

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