dont get me started on how 99% of furry youtuber content is just finding something another furry has done and ranting about it.


this has been a very personal rant. exclusive to mastodon

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I dont expect everyone to respond to me but I dunno. It really does just seem like every man for themself in the furry content creator scene. no one wants to help the small people. All feels kinda egotistical as well. The whole popufur thing comes to mind.

Its nothing like the art scene, where everyone is trying to help everyone else out and be positive around each other and helpful

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thinking of streaming with normal vtuber. like, a human. I see vtubers on twitch all working together and having each others backs, bur in my experience, the furry side of it is just every man for himself. it sucks.

Like, (again, my experience) ive reached out to people to try and work together, do stuff, always get ignored.

I am way too sober and the right amount of depressed to be playing Xbox 360 games at 4:20am

im gonna comission someone to make a highlight video out of today's stream and watch them be like

getting comments like this pretty much every day.

it's getting tiring now. wonder if it's related to burnout?

making fun of misogyny, mh-, new youtube vid 

posting videos like these make me nervous as ive been piled on by incels and such and told to kill myself for merely posting a picture of myself, so imagine what they might do if I make fun of them

but also. this thread was to funny not to, so...

found this old picture where im showing off mario kart 8??? I don't know what's going on here

can someone make a star fox mod where andross is replaced by one of those stupid monkey nfts. that would be a very cool boss to kill

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