I am returning breifly to social media just to say that I like the new PokΓ©mon Scarlet legendary. I would like to suck his dick. like seriously I would like to gag. fat dragon dick let me spin your wheel while I choke

furry comic reading out by me 

I found this video that youtube removed in my files with half the voices missing but decided to reupload what remained of it



VRChat meme video joke nsfw context tiktok 


main reason I've been playing emerald again is to do this shiny hunt I've been wanting to do for years. so excited. also transferred my save to my 3ds as well so I can hunt on two systems at once

finished my emerald grass monotype run. was just these two and a bunch of HM PokΓ©mon

it was actually an accidental monotype run, I only realised I was using only grass types at the 7th gym lol

ocarina of time spoilers? I guess. A meme 

this is a strange fanfiction

wish I could post pictures of my shinies from my switch to mastodon easily

I deleted birdsite

always tempted to try and get a group together to play mhfu over xlink Kai or something. I'm bad at arranging stuff like that. would be cool if something already existed, but I dunno

people who say they are 'living the dream' clearly don't have a very powerful imagination.

like I would have to be teleported to another world for me to even begin to live the shit that goes on in my head

weed mention, Zelda phantom hourglass 

I was stoned last night and couldn't figure out the first puzzle in phantom hourglass

whats wrong with just updating a website. people did it before

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