listen I didn't get a PhD to NOT be a dog girl on the internet

🔞 Furry porn, Male/Male, rimming, multiple genitals. Comission, oselotti art 

re: 🌈silly nsfw/lewd related poll... RESULTS! 

Someone else's nudes, giant girldick 

grs trashposting 

trans, driving, shitpost 

lewd furry art 

Hi Fediverse, incase you weren't sure, I'm trans. Please try and remember they/them pronouns, and i'm using them to describe my fursona now to minimize confusion.

Piercings (Ear / Genital) 

NSFW furry art / pinup / sexually explicit 

Diet Changes, Food 

Gender Feels 

I hate gender. it's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Twitter Poll, Porn Ideas 

Junk Piercing, Dysphoria 

I should def make an AD Masto. Almost definitely gonna do it on another instance as well.

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