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speaking of speed...

this isn't exactly final, but from preliminary testing the game should (hopefully) be able to run comfortably on any 486 66mhz system or faster - then again I was testing via emulation, so who knows

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this is the DOS game I've recently started going full speed ahead on!

there's no actual gameplay yet and these are just reference mockups since I'm just now implementing the title/menu :blobcatmelt:

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just realized i have a giant adafruit sticker on my macbook i should be removing 😬

true girlfriends give each other remote SSH access and leave cutesy messages via text files


Hi! I'm Koko, a programmer (Haxe, C/++) and artist (pixel, 3D, digital) who also specializes in old computer hardware/software, Unix-ey stuff, and... foxes?

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