sorry I haven't been posting here as much, I do be kinda boring lately lol

'cat' is a standard UNIX command which either takes a file as an argument, or reads from stdin. It then prints either the file or the stream to stdout.

Here is a demonstration.

sysadmin protip: make sure you add a 'foxgirls' group for any foxgirl users on your system

optionally, make a directory that can only be accessed by foxgirls

please help. my son installed something called "Linux" on his computer and now he won't stop rolling around on the floor and meowing like a cat


most people: "Application Binary Interface"

me: "Application Brogramming Interface"

screw C, C++, rust, etc. where are the cute girls that know FORTRAN

vmware's profile editor has this "computing environment" section where I can lie about having a mountain of x86 servers and desktops

"SSH"?? how about,, SSH-ut up! i will not listen to Linuxβ„’ users

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