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Hi! I'm Koko, a programmer (Haxe, C/++) and artist (pixel, 3D, digital) who also specializes in old computer hardware/software, Unix-ey stuff, and... foxes?

β›© Site –
πŸ–Ό Gallery (likely not up to date) –
🐦 Birdsite – @/foxgirl_irl -or- @/kokoscript

a certain restaurant 

my hometown is apparently getting a CFA 🀒

food mention 

back like a decade ago I thought the audacity logo was a hamburger wearing headphones. but in my defense I was looking at the 16x16 icon

i guess this is a sign i should cosplay Microsoft Saleswoman Momiji Inubashiri

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what was a DVD copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 doing in my cosplay bin

how are y'all doing tonight

because my system just panicked and decided to reboot while installing a new kernel

winter lifehack!

- find the source code to your favorite C compiler
- compile it

there you go, quick and easy space heater!

i think it would be funny if someone did a linux install where they added almost every single package available from their distro's package manager

(I'm just guessing the kernel was unencrypted, considering most distros would ask for the key when plymouth had already started; and thus the kernel and init were already active)

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as someone absent from linux in 2019 and 2020, I have to wonder when the switch was made to move LUKS passkey entry from the kernel to grub

did someone suddenly realize "oh hey, maybe having the kernel unencrypted is a Bad Thing Actually"

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