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Hi! I'm Koko, a programmer (Haxe, C/++) and artist (pixel, 3D, digital) who also specializes in old computer hardware/software, Unix-ey stuff, and... foxes?

β›© Site –
πŸ–Ό Gallery (likely not up to date) –
🐦 Birdsite – @/foxgirl_irl -or- @/kokoscript

oh yeah, I colored this one

still can't decide on her hair and collar color but this'll do

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catgirl gf who invites you over to watch a movie, but it ends up being "Video for Cats to Watch - 8 Hour Birds Bonanza"

going to be re-upping a lot of my posts from <other site>, bear with me

food mention 

back like a decade ago I thought the audacity logo was a hamburger wearing headphones. but in my defense I was looking at the 16x16 icon

i guess this is a sign i should cosplay Microsoft Saleswoman Momiji Inubashiri

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what was a DVD copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 doing in my cosplay bin

i think it would be funny if someone did a linux install where they added almost every single package available from their distro's package manager

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