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gonna make 2019 the year of free expression of identity, sexuality and rage against abusers and oppressors !!

not by the state or any thing (though they should be made to pay taxes). we as a society should just stop tolerating their fucked up "morals"

genuinely want to see christianity destroyed as an institution

violence, pedophilia mention 

this is me complaining about twitter again of course

people with the emotional intelligence of moody toddlers need to stop interacting with me, it's embarassing

cw genocide implications and other nasty shit 

birth day gift !! for my friend @After_lmages on twitter !!

character (re)design commission for plushfiend on twitter !!

for real i might actually do this, because leftube needs more trans guy voices, working class voices, and the voice of some one who's had experience with the religious right and not just alt-right. maybe i can make some thing good out of my weird weird life

i've become semi-adjacent to the jack saint/big joel/patricia taxxon lesser known leftuber circle via a server i'm in so if i do eventually make a you tube i could probably get off to a decent start !!

next year im gonna rebrand my art twitter, update my web site with new graphics and pluck up the courage to talk to cool people that i admire !!

furry art with eye contact 

i love this song but i can only talk about liking it here and in a few servers because im worried my followers on other web sites will be hypercritical of my music tastes

sketchpage/ref for @/TruffleSnuffle
on birdsite, commissioned by @NomeUdnt !! Lillian, a vaporeon/mantine pokesona !!

commissions are closed due to holiday overtime at my day job, but you can still get a small drawing from my ko-fi !! ☕️

small warmup drawing of Faulkner warming up with some coffee !! 🐈☕🍂

small warmup drawing of Faulkner warming up with some coffee !! 🐈☕🍂

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