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gonna make 2019 the year of free expression of identity, sexuality and rage against abusers and oppressors !!

drunk rambling. dysphoria 

nsfw transmasc dysphoria, alcohol 

nsfw fursona ref commission 

ref sheet commission for @/batteBitch on birdsite (sfw version) !!

my commission prices 🖌️:
(bg free for commercial use from )

patreon mini reward for @sol of Sybil from their upcoming video game Sybil’s Tale !!

patreon sketch rewards for @/mike_daws0n and @/corvfang (of his friend @/creachre’s OC) !! (all users on twitter)

extremely perturbed at the way people my age start to treat each other when they spend too much time arguing online

i don't think people actually consider my feelings and boundaries very often but maybe thats more on me for not knowing how to express them

wolfsbane can be drawn trans or cis . doesn't matter, he's just a deer guy

nsfw, furry porn 

like yeah people should be informed about their own bodies but reliable knowledge about transitioning is not always fucking easy to find. at all.

it's definitely possible to spread info about trans healthcare without blaming people for not knowing it. especially considering trans healthcare is shit just about every where

cw: feeding, big round tummy, nudity 

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