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gonna make 2019 the year of free expression of identity, sexuality and rage against abusers and oppressors !!

Taking some commission slots to be completed before the end of February !!

prices 🖌️:
queue 📜:

i need some money for food/necessities so I designed a fluffy worm dragon !! I'll take around $25-30 for it !!🌈

the "aura" lucarios use is just another word for "trans guy energy"

commission for @/PINK_BEAK on twitter ft. @/croxalixious !!

my commission prices 🖌️:

i did it!! i cut all the stress-producing people out of my life ✂️

mini commission for @/StarSauceArt on birdsite !!

my commission prices 🖌️:

icon commission for @/NatalyaGrey on birdsite !!

my commission prices 🖌️:

I feel like a toxic person just for breaking things off with them, or on those dreadful occasions when they turn out to be predatory and I end up having to warn others, which is my very last resort and something that causes lots of stress and makes me feel godawful

oh, I just want to be rid of all the toxic friends and acquaintances I made when I'd just left my parents' house and didn't know any better !!

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today has been a rather bad day. i will draw something not safe for work after i finish some commissions

I'm still figuring out how to use a main and horny curiouscat i keep getting them mixed up x_X

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if i had lots of money i would dress fancy every time i go out; i would terrorize everyone

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i hope no one one birdsite bites my head off for drawing a VERY small bulge on a 23 year old character in mini style at a commissioners request...the worst part is there have been so many creeps getting outed on twitter i wouldn't even blame someone who didn't know me for being suspicious

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