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gonna make 2019 the year of free expression of identity, sexuality and rage against abusers and oppressors !!

commissions are very much open, including nsfw !! things are getting really tough for my family financially so please retweet this if you can !!
prices 🖌️:

bring your heroes to the wolf den, watch them all get crushed

nsfw furry art 

sketchpage commission for
@sol !! some promo art for their PICO-8 game, Sybil's Tail !!

my commission prices 🖌️:

i hate feeling tired and grumpy the few days before i inject my T shot

feeding kink thingy?? 

sketchpage commission for
@/batteBitch on birdsite !!

my commission prices 🖌️:

nsfw text 

if you wouldn't exclude trans women by specifying they're trans instead of women then don't fucking do it to trans men either

i'm just really super tired of people waving around Trans Acceptance flags at trans men and trans masc people as if saying "no YOU'RE okay because you're a TRANS man" is being nice and supportive

it isn't

it's telling us "you are not a real man because real men are awful"

drunk rambling. dysphoria 

nsfw transmasc dysphoria, alcohol 

nsfw fursona ref commission 

ref sheet commission for @/batteBitch on birdsite (sfw version) !!

my commission prices 🖌️:
(bg free for commercial use from )

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