police violence against detainees 

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police violence against detainees 

Minneapolis police union chief blames trans people for city’s budget woes / LGBTQ Nation

Fuck. Off. Pigs.

You will never be done decolonizing your mind. You will never be done learning to not be racist.

You will do well for days, weeks, months, or even years, and then you will say or do something racist.

Accept that reality now. Set your mind on accepting that reality and apologizing for it now. Because if you don't, we'll see what's happened on the fediverse this past week play out again. White people being fragile and guarding their egos under a guise of "hurt feelings."

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Thinking of starting an AA style group for white people where we replace alcohol with being racist.

"Hi, I'm Sandrockcstm, and I'm a racist."

Maybe if we can get comfortable naming what we've all been conditioned to be, we can start focusing on ourselves and doing the goddamn work of decolonizing, instead of continuing to be blissfully racist towards the people we claim to be allies to.

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Reddit repost / tiktok / creepy behavior towards minors 

relationships (-) 

Truthfully I can’t wait to get old. I take after my mom’s side genetically and she has salt & pepper hair. If I wind up with those colors I will be HAPPPPYYYYYYYY

Just because I am *a* slut
It doesn’t mean I am *your* slut.

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Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

musings regarding my life with autism 

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musings regarding my life with autism 

Like University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto, whose $1.5m/year pay is fully intact, even as he announces 1,500 furloughs for health-care workers in the UK system. (His VP, at $1.4m/year, also has nothing to fear from the cuts).

As UK grad instructor Zeke Perkins told Emily Shugerman for The Daily Beast, "We’ve been calling on the administration to provide for those who make the least and take cuts themselves. They could cut their salaries significantly and save hundreds of jobs."


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