Respond to this with good *small* instances that you'd recommend to people who want to join Mastodon! Like, [50, 500] people, I guess!

Boosts appreciated!

@kd what things are the people you want to join the fedi are into?
Because the are a lot of small instances, and also on a small instance it make sense to feel in the right place

@kyzh Oh, I guess mostly furries, far left people, and people who do art and music?

Just looking for smaller places to recommend in general!

@kd (the super-dimensional fortress)

@kd The instance I'm on is pretty chill. Low traffic but an admin who actually gives a shit, always good.

@kd is still a little under 500 users! and also seem small/quiet and nice.

@kd new to mastodon, is there any way to join multiple instances at the same time? feels like being in just is a lil... dead

@docpalmerooni Oh, you can follow people on nearly any instance from here, and if you look at the federated (see: that globe icon) timeline, you'll see posts from, like, tens of instances!


This one,! We're pretty general purpose, and will welcome basically any community-minded user willing to make use of CWs. Best for people who post largely in English to make moderation simpler.


If they like making comics: is a really nice place to be.

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