This is the ideal England. You may not like it, but this is what full communism looks like.

@kd My favorite part of this is the independent cornwall that is still cornwall

@emsenn I mean, they've got a language and a culture to revitalise, so they might as well get to do that...!!

@kd I really wanna know where the different indigenous americans go in our little strip there, like anyplace in there will get me some cool as hell neighbors but I wanna know which!

@emsenn I honestly don't know enough about the political relations between the Indigenous nations on this continent to... like, decide on that, aaaaaa.

Something I oughta learn more about, I guess!

@kd TBH "They'll have to sort that out when we get there" is probably the most reasonable answer, the relations between nations here are influenced as much by colonialism as any cultural similarities.

But either way I encourage you to definitely learn more about indigenous contemporary culture and politics!

@emsenn Yeah, that's what I figure... like, the whole decolonisation process is going to be once we get to the "Indigenous nations retaking jurisdiction over their territory" stage.

But mhm, definitely! (I should at least be getting much more familiar with the nations whose land I'm living on, absolutely.)

@kd One interseting shifting I'm seeing within my own lakhota people is shifting from "having jurisdiction over their territory" which they/we have had for years, to "taking autonomy over our land," making decisions about its land use in big ways that previously the elders did not agree to because they were confident the government would provide them with what they needed.

A big tangent, but it's been interesting.

@emsenn Oh, yeah, that's... cool as heck that that kind of shift is happening, TBH.

What's that looked like in practice, if you don't mind me asking?

@kd It's sad but in practice that means things like planning to send a medicine man to negotiation with the pine forest, to tell it that we must take trees from it to build homes for the elders and children, because there is no place else to get the homes.

(Which is true, the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) has been making them wait a decade or more for replacement trailers.)


That's just an example from one reservation, the Rosebud reservation, it takes different forms elsewhere

@emsenn Ah, yeah, that... is unfortunate.

(Also, yeah, I've heard a lot of the same about the equivalent agency up here. It's, well, not something that's given me any confidence in my government or nation, on top of all the other... everything.)

@kd It makes me so so so so so sad that because capitalism will violently protect its assets, anarchists and others will have no choice but to take resources from as-of-yet unused land, like rainforests and national parts, and that makes me soooo sad.

@emsenn Yyyyyep.

Yeah, that's kinda why I'm hoping to knock this whole system down sooner rather than later - or, I mean, at least contribute to that goal.

Get the bourgeoisie under control and out of the way ASAP, then get to work on de-fucking society.

@An_Asal_Ridiriuil I mean, at this point, this might be the most practical way for them to handle the reparations thing. <_<;;

@kd are pakistan, india, and bangladesh all reunited under india there?

@DarkOverord Yeah, there's a few points on this map that I've screwed up, based on things people have pointed out. xwx;;

@kd That all said, less jokingly, a lot of England already gets the butt of Westminster's decisions so honestly this wouldn't change much in terms of poverty

@DarkOverord Yeah, it's... ugh.

Y'all seriously deserve better than the Tories and Brexit and all that.

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@kd I don't see the Democratic People's Republic of Merseyside and Greater Manchester on this map.

@kd i'm totaly in favour of the destruction of england, but why do scotland and wales that where a major part of british colonialism not get cut up too?

@radikalgrafitio @kd colonized&settled by uk. To what degree it's still a settler *state* is arguable but we definitely haven't moved beyond colonial land ownership and relations. I'm assuming that @kd is intending for it to be owned by black and indigenous South Africans though

@radikalgrafitio @kd ig that's why they put "indigenous nations of the Americas" for that

@restioson @kd but they didn't put "indignations nations of africa "

@kd this is an awesome sick burn and all I wonder is if land rights could be retained for ethnic minorities like the Cornish.

@mdcclv Oh, that's why Cornwall is independent on there.

(Forgot the Isle of Man, though!)

@kd lololol ok Cornwall is just not where I thought it was

@kd glad that there is some inbetween Iran and Iraq
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