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Had to go back and adjust some colours (my monitor really isn't calibrated well for doing art!), but...

...I've finished my redesign of Katja! Now with less eye-searing !

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Updating my : I'm Katja, a gay as h*ck catdragon! [24/they/Vancouver-ish.]

💙: my friends, cogsci, being gay, drawing, good food, prog rock, jazz, public transit, metal, urban planning, cats, playing sax, writing, beer, snow, long summer days, working out.
💔: sectarianism, bigotry, chauvinism, edgelords.
☭: liberation for *all* people and peoples — international solidarity.
🎨: me.

Important Telegram News - Back up your chats 

Twitter's tweet promotion feature sometimes puts the most… mediocre, unwanted tweets possible on my TL. "I'm such a fucking neolib that I'm going to whine about the concept of instituting electoral reform [which holy fuck, we really need it, oh my god]; also, the pipeline would actually reduce the world's CO2 output; I'm going to pay to have people see this, too", etcetera.

,,,,,,,,please promote something interesting, like takes about Žižek's garbage can of ideology???

Politics (election; yikes). 

Willingly using pieces of currency that have Queen Elizabeth II on them to own the LaRoucheites

Oh, right, I suppose I should vote, huh.

Might as well do it early, TBH.

I've been on five different buses today, and I'm nowhere near done with the ~action~ today.


me, looking at other white ppl

please put the wendigo back where u found it and leave it alone, it does not belong to u

Drivers who are way too eager to turn right when pedestrians are trying to cross are extremely not valid, TBH.

cursed sponsored post 

My favourite character from Breath of the Wild, Édouard Siddon,,,

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