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New : I'm Derek, a gay catdragon! [23/they/Vancouver-ish.]

💙: my friends, cogsci, being gay, good food, prog rock, jazz, public transit, metal, urban planning, disco, playing sax, snow, long summer days, beer.
💔: edgelords, sectarianism, bigots, Western chauvinism, pretentious attitudes, writing off unusual art as "pretentious".
☭: queer liberation, Marxism, decolonisation, anti-imperialism, seize the means, give back the land, bash the fash, 🗺️ solidarity.
🎨: @T0DDNET on 🐦.

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(It works in Windows 10, but evidently, it's a weird, currently not standard thing.)


...apparently, there's... a... hipster cat emoji?

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One thing that's really been... surprising me this spring is how quickly the days have gotten longer., the rate at which that happens hasn't actually changed at all, but it's still surprising to me that it's barely the middle of April, and it's still really bright out at 18:30.

I keep thinking it's still 16:30 or whatever, but ~~nope~~.

If you like to live dangerously around your cat, try slow-blinking at them when they're acting agitated.

Next step: painting, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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