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New : I'm Derek, a gay catdragon! [23/they/Vancouver-ish.]

💙: my friends, cogsci, being gay, good food, prog rock, jazz, public transit, metal, urban planning, disco, playing sax, snow, long summer days, beer.
💔: edgelords, sectarianism, bigots, Western chauvinism, pretentious attitudes, writing off unusual art as "pretentious".
☭: queer liberation, Marxism, decolonisation, anti-imperialism, seize the means, give back the land, bash the fash, 🗺️ solidarity.
🎨: @T0DDNET on 🐦.

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Whenever people say MLM I have to pause to tell if they mean Marxist Leninist Maoist, Men Loving Men, or Multi Level Marketing

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Politics (Howard Schultz 2020 yikes). Show more

Politics (Howard Schultz 2020 yikes). Show more

Definitely in one of those moods where I just... generally want reassurance, TBH? Not about anything in specific, but... rfh. x_x;;

Politics (yikes-ing at sectarianism). Show more

Politics (yikes-ing at sectarianism). Show more

Assuming the true location of the left-right divide is at "supports capitalism" and "opposes capitalism", then Josip Tito was a centrist. I'm not wrong.

Replace 👏 the 👏 Electoral 👏 College 👏 with 👏 a 👏 broad 👏 coalition 👏 of 👏 voting 👏 dogs

Apparently, I'm… the printer whisperer, or something.

Whoops, that walk ended up being two and a half hours long. xwx

According to ancient legends from the deepest, darkest corners of the web, if you manage to socially outmanoeuvre sixteen different influencers in just as many weeks, you become the Cancellor of the Internet………

My aunt's cat is stunningly normcore. She's scared of my hair!

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