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Updating my : I'm Katja, a gay as h*ck catdragon! [24/they/Vancouver-ish.]

πŸ’™: my friends, cogsci, being gay, drawing, good food, prog rock, jazz, public transit, metal, urban planning, cats, playing sax, writing, beer, snow, long summer days, working out.
πŸ’”: sectarianism, bigotry, chauvinism, edgelords.
☭: liberation for *all* people and peoples β€” international solidarity.
🎨: me.

Oh, huh, I guess I was mistaken about whether Jorts Horse still existed? Hm.

I was just reminded that there's a bus around here that only exists once a year, on New Year's Eve. There isn't a single other day on which that trip happens at that time, but it's always at that time, every New Year's.

I definitely feel like I need to make an AD account on here, but (lewd stuff mention): Show more

We stand in solidarity with the Wet'sewt'en struggle in defense of their unceded land. The Canadian government is illegally enforcing construction of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline. Banner seen on Interstate 81 North. @UnistotenCamp

Vore-adjacent. Show more

Is it just me, or is it really annoying when websites try to interrupt the usual scrolling or keyboard input behaviour of whatever device you're using?

Politics (fash/cops mention, overheard). Show more

Cognitohazard; extremely cursed; sensory horror? Show more

remember to opt out of search indexing in your account settings, make your online presence a little cleaner

There's like 1000 words for cannabis which are also common words for other things. Just use "cannabis" in your CW so people who use word filters can filter it consistently.

I've heard the argument that not CWing cannabis somehow is going to help destigmatize it, and as a medical user of I sympathize with wanting it to be destigmatized, but some of the most common CWs are for Food, Alcohol, Guns, and Sex, none of which are stigmatized. We all acknowledge that a lot of people have trauma around food, even though food itself is mostly harmless to ingest. Cannabis is something a lot of people have trauma around, CW it, using the full word 'cannabis'

Hey y'all using the : cannabis_leaf: emoji as your CW instead of the word cannabis defeats the point of a CW
1. That's more difficult to filter out through mutelists since not every instance uses the same :shortcode:
2. You're exposing people to an image of the thing you're CWing for. That's like using a picture of a beer can as your CW for alcohol. Your CW needs a CW now. I know there's a common misconception that nobody could have trauma around cannabis but that's just false. Many do.

Oh my god, they're singing Dancing Queen for karaoke... across the street from me... with a bunch of doors and windows open?

I can hear them from, like, close to 75m away.


Politics (landlord tears β€” in BC, this time!). Show more

Seeing my own art printed out on… like, nice print material is actually pretty cool.

(It's some gift art for family members!)

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