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Time for some !

I'm Katja! 24, they/them, currently near Vancouver.

I often post about communism/other far-left politics, music (mainly rock, metal, and jazz), the legal system here, my experiences with gender/sexuality/MH issues, urban planning and transportation, food (I like to cook!), technology, and sometimes, you know, really gay stuff.

Feel free to send me a follow request! I only have my follows locked to keep out spam accounts and problematic users.

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Oh, I forgot—

✔️ Catdragon, cat, dragon, kitty, derg, rarfer, and other really furry species-related ones

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What terms should you use for me?

✔️ They/them
✖️ She/her, other pronouns
✖️✖️ He/him, it/its

✔️ No title
❔ Mx.
✖️ Mr., Ms., Mrs.

✔️✔️ Things that push my buttons, **if** we know each other well & it's an appropriate space for that stuff
✔️ Friend, pal, bud, other non-gendered terms
❔ Girl, sis, dude
✖️ Guy, bro, sir, ma'am
✖️✖️ Anything that's too friendly/🌶️ for the circumstances, or if we don't know each other well, unironic dad/daddy
✖️✖️✖️ Kid, boy, or any other condescending terms

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Had to go back and adjust some colours (my monitor really isn't calibrated well for doing art!), but...

...I've finished my redesign of Katja! Now with less eye-searing !

tech, fashPol 

Politics (CSA; kink). 

Politics (CSA; kink; violence). 

Politics (CSA; kink; **not** a subpost at anyone on here — honestly!). 

Politics (CSA; kink; **not** a subpost at anyone on here — honestly!). 

…I'm definitely hoping I'll be able to set up my exam schedule such that I can make it to MFF next year. Even if that won't be my first priority with course selection, of course.

Have fun there, everyone that's going!

Two malicious Python 🐍 libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys:

From the article:

The first is "python3-dateutil," which imitated the popular "dateutil" library. The second is "jeIlyfish" (the first L is an I), which mimicked the "jellyfish" library.

Both have since been removed.

Extreme sarcasm. 

Food; :/. 

psa: handling common burns (followup care) // 

psa: handling common burns (explanation) // 

psa: handling common burns // 

But, as usual, the best long-term solution here is - you guessed it! - removing capital from healthcare.

No, not just insurance! Pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and service providers, too! We'd save a lot of money by not having to piss it away on "value for shareholders"!

(Hopefully both the BCSC and the SCC will rightfully come to the conclusion that this issue involves a balancing of interests, in which either decision will impact *someone's* s 7 rights, and thus, the side which has the narrowest impacts - that being the continuation of the ban on private health insurance for essential procedures and doctors practicing in both the private and public systems - is the more constitutionally justifiable outcome.

But that's not exactly certain.)

"It's unconstitutional to prevent the development of a healthcare system that would systematically exclude exploited and marginalised people from healthcare." - these assholes.

Bud, seriously, a few tens of rich people getting mildly worse health outcomes due to having to wait along with everyone else in our currently underfunded healthcare system is nothing compared to the millions who'd get worse service in a system with more privatisation.

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