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New : I'm Derek, a gay catdragon! [23/they/Vancouver-ish.]

💙: my friends, cogsci, being gay, good food, prog rock, jazz, public transit, metal, urban planning, disco, playing sax, snow, long summer days, beer.
💔: edgelords, sectarianism, bigots, Western chauvinism, pretentious attitudes, writing off unusual art as "pretentious".
☭: queer liberation, Marxism, decolonisation, anti-imperialism, seize the means, give back the land, bash the fash, 🗺️ solidarity.
🎨: @T0DDNET on 🐦.

Mastodon, a magical place where eggs are a good thing………

Heck, like... talk to me on Telegram, TBH? I'm feeling talkative! <3

Disruptive startup idea: sell lutefisk at a boutique grocery store, but call it "alkaline fish".

I remember being sceptical about OnePlus's decision to keep using 1080p displays on their phones a few years back, but honestly, I'm glad they've kept it up? Rendering ~.6× as many pixels while still achieving more clarity than most people will ever notice is actually pretty cool and responsible.

LSAT prep: round 2. Show more

LSAT prep: round 2. Show more

Tomorrow: job applications. The day after: time to start preparing for my retake.

Playing D&D again for the first time in quite a while, and... this is interesting?

#round. Show more

Kinda gay; maybe an invitation? Show more

Kinda gay; maybe an invitation? Show more

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