Legend of Mana has a special move called Phoenix Cheer does that

oh! and POWDER is cool

it was originally developed for GBA. it's real simple and has a cute aesthetic. it's on a bunch of different platforms too; I first found it on iPad

thinkin bout the sonic comic annual cover with the best boys being absolutely precious

it's among the best but the only good it ain't

Technobabylon is also excellent and I could write a whole essay about the use of symbolism in Shadowrun

you bet! I love CyberConnect2's games and I wish bamco would give them more freedom to make what they want instead of being The Company That Makes Naruto Games

Mutual Aid, Cancer, Boosts+++ pls 

---, can u say nice things to me 

lewd goof 

to keep my players on their toes
I randomly ask for perception checks and tell them they detected something if they fail, which turns out to be only their own paranoia

do folks on yiff.life just not use hashtags or is something fucky with the trending section

what if I post can we get that trending

mh - 

mh - 

Today's Slime Saturday is brought to you by the Aqua slime!

Very elusive, it first appeared in Caravan Heart and has only had a few appearances in general! Its design is pretty straight forward, slime fish, but it maintains the same determined and cheerful look of any slime!

Having fins means it's also one of the few varieties of slimes to have any sort of extremities at all, in its fins. I'm sure they make for fine swimmers!

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