i'm an independant craftperson and i mainly make plushies, with also some crossstitch and crochet.

in order to live off my craft, i need more visibility, and you can help by rt'ing! it doesn't cost you anything and it can help me get orders :)


I played FFVI for the first time over a decade ago and ever since the Castle Figaro/Edgar's Theme just randomly gets stuck in my head


Guess who has a new car that has ignition issues and decided to slip into accessory every day and destroy the battery????

Me. It's me.

If anyone wants to help me out so I can pay my bills AND repair my car, here's my paypal.


ah yes I am with the times. I also enjoy Korean Popular and Vaporous Wavelength. perhaps you would enjoy this Beheld Footwear track

so the No Man's Sky event content is, pretty cool,

(spooky, body horror-adjacent)

asking for money help, boosts needed, kinda urgent because i need to get my meds :boost_ok: 

here's a random nostalgia

my dad's name is Richard so when we found the dog in Ocarina of Time and returned him to his owner we absolutely lost our shit

I have mixed feelings about Boneworks but I have to admit it was incredibly satisfying to become quick and efficient at reloading guns

mh - 

fundraising, urgent but non-emergent 

Hello Games you need to give me a way to export this model so I can find somewhere to get it 3d printed

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No Man's Sky, you can't do this, you can't keep generating these perfect friends I Will Cry


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