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drawn ec 

the "its my birthday on the 9th please help me buy a nice thing" money request post, long 

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Promo: link to, gay erotica 

nsfw, i made a really cool thing, play it, it's a good game 

oh these? my boobies? my diminutive fucking tiddies? my super mini milkies? my ittle wittle beper beepers? my


today *might* be the last ever bandcamp friday??? bandcamp are being vague 👀

if you want to pick up some music from independent artists, like us maybe, today's the day✨

all our music is pay what you want!!!

saw someone post the original meme so it's time for this fursona again

I'm glad Receiver exists
unfortunately I'm not really mentally well enough to own a real firearm but it's very zen to practice its use

Asking for money help :boost_ok: 

Slightly more "Official" post about this

my landlord decided to let us know yesterday that we can't renew our lease because he needs our apartment, we have 3 weeks to figure out where to live

we're Very underprepared for this, since he told us when we signed the lease that we could renew it in 2021

My partner @CuttlefishCryptid and I both have emergency commissions open: (my post)

Anything helps


Venmo: MuttMusk


🌟Emergency Commissions🌟

My landlord just informed my partner and I that we can't renew our lease and we have 3 weeks to find a place to move to

we are Very underprepared for this situation, so we need to raise as much money as possible

Please consider commissioning me if you can!! Prices here:

You can also help out by sending money to:


or Muttmusk on Venmo

adopt, nsfw nudity, ref sheet, weenie, weird hybrid 

$ help 🐀 

hey everyone, my fucking landlord decided to let us know today that actually we can't renew our lease and we have 3 weeks to move out

we aren't prepared for this At All since they had told us that we could renew it when we signed the lease last year

i have emergency commissions open, you can see more about them here:

any and all help is really greatly appreciated

Hey guys!
So our landlord just told us we actually can't renew our lease and we have Three Weeks to find a new place to live??
I'll make a proper commission post later, but reminder that mine and @CannabisCryptid 's commissions are open!

nsfw nudity, adopt again, ref sheet, i think its a chinchilla dog but who knows, food color themed 

health ~ 

asking for money, boost = thank 

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Come on by my Discord! It has been officially recognized as "the most dumbest and embarrassing discord server ever!" Come on in if you want to be dumb and embarrassing

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