@katja Messed around in vr, made some chicken, just had a chill day overall really

went for bike ride in like -5c

@Kaffe Oh! What kind of chicken did you make?

And damn, wow, that's probably colder than anything I've ever biked in? Whoa.

@katja Tried actually marinating it for the first time aha, always just put garlic n chili powder, paprika, buncha salt

@Kaffe Oh! Yeah, I usually do… both? Milk + lemon or lime juice + fuckton of spices (super heavy on the sweet paprika!) +,,,,

@katja yehhh, turned out p good. I just make chicken and rice as a easy meal a lot

@Zero_Democracy Oh, are there… …peanut products in progesterone or something? I haven't seriously looked into HRT stuff before!

@katja The micronized bioidentical progesterone (which is the one that actually works relatively reliably and isn't bad for you) is synthesized with peanut oil so your body processes it right, yeah. It recently started being manufactured generically so schmucks like me can actually get it without cushy Google-provided health plans.

@Zero_Democracy Oh, heck, congratulations on being able to get that now, holy shit.

Were you using a different progesterone before getting this, or just not taking it?

@katja Not taking it, I ramped up to 6mg of estradiol sublingually over the last year at my own pace and then added that. The doctor I go to regularly has been doing HRT stuff for years and actually knows what she's doing, which helps.

@Zero_Democracy Oh, yeah, absolutely, that's extremely helpful, having a doctor who actually gets stuff?

I'm honestly just used to basically researching everything before even talking to any doctor, so,,,,

@katja I'm already having to be authoritative about it all when people ask for advice because that's being trans for you.

@Zero_Democracy y e a h

If I ever end up taking a route with presentation &c. that involves doctors, I'm… …well, that's going to be a thing, mhm.

@katja I can't officially recommend the killdozer mindset, but it worked for me.

@Zero_Democracy Oh, as in, doing all your research and then making sure ~medical professionals~ cooperate?

@katja I did the initial estradiol stuff via Planned Parenthood and informed consent at first because my main doctor is also my family doctor, and I wanted to do it on my own terms and see if it worked without answering a lot of questions. It did, so I moved on to my regular doctor and told my family they can deal with it or not. Nobody has argued with me so far.

@katja It may be different in Canada, since your healthcare systems are regional. If you want to do something, igure out how to do it and don't let anyone else hit the brakes for you IMO.

@Zero_Democracy Yeah, I'll definitely see where… …things go for me! But honestly, yeah, I'd probably take the exact same route? I'm already used to doing my research and then figuring out precisely how to get whatever result has the most tolerable side-effect profile, ssssoooo.

@katja It depends on what you need specifically, I can appraise you on private channels if you want.

@Zero_Democracy I… might ask you about that eventually!!

I think I'm still pretty ✨neutral✨ about gender stuff, but I've yet to really explore if I'd feel better than neutral by just going full femme, ahahaha.

I should probably try that sometime, though!

@katja My step one advice is to present femme or femme-ish where it's safe to do so and see how it feels. I'm wildly-nonbinary so your milage will vary RE "femme" but pick out what you want. Even if it's just in the mirror.

@Zero_Democracy I've tried makeup many before, but I've yet to wear any of the skirts or whatever I've got *anywhere*,,,

Might do that as soon as things get, like, "house parties" safe up here, COVID-wise. Would like to try presenting such that people can't reasonably assume he/him for me, at least. xwx;;

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@katja the place ws're living is Awful x,,x

[meow.social/@IceWolf/107140518] [meow.social/@IceWolf/107210646]

(there's more, better examples, but I don't have the spoons to really dig back)

@katja that is /good/ to hear we're not like overreacting or something :blobcatheart:

@katja Exhausted by my relatives, but comforted by being with found family.

Rather overwhelming to be in a place of support, so, kinda low on words.

@LexYeen Understandable! I'm glad to hear you're being supported, at least, heck. ,,,,,

@katja classes in the morning (probably "advanced computer concepts"), software testing this afternoon

@katja well, could be doing worse, but definitely having some Not Fun times in a couple ways

@katja Having some Problems with one of my courses - gonna be writing some emails to one of the department heads tomorrow

(in particular, got a zero on 1/3 of a midterm for, to put it bluntly, Bullshit reasons)

@katja I'm doing okay, granted with not as much sleep as I should have gotten overnight, but I should hopefully be fine. How about yourself?

@OchotonidKnight Oh, sorry about not responding until now, aaaaaaa,,,

And I've been OK-ish! School's getting more and more intense and stressful, so ahahaha That's going to be fun to deal with but things could be much worse, too, so I'd say I'm more or less decent!

@katja I see. You can have a hug if it would make you feel better!

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