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I joke a lot about "why don't I have huge tits and a fat pussy" but I'm only joking about it a little bit

Feels bad man

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why the fuck would I want a mansion when I can have a bedroom, a kitchen and a gaming command center with all the gaming juice a girl could dream of

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Why be a good or bad person when you can just play Minecraft for 16 hours straight and forget that you're a person at all?

me: *drawing some cute ear tufts*
my dysphoria: h-hewwo??!?
me: fuck

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I've been thinking a lot about ethics in machine learning and I've come to the conclusion that ML networks share their creator's biases. We should clearly mark that when a neunet messes up, it's the fault of the company that made it. When YouTube demonitizes LGBT videos for sexual content, that should be treated as an intentional decision by Google

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yALL look at this shit right here which is on a page that i currently possess

shout out to @Fireflufferz for being incredibly talented and also a super fucking cool dude

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Good evening to all our new users!

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- Remember to have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions!
- Feel free to keep an eye on the local and federated timelines, that's where Things Happen
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when cis transphobes say ' I'm not a cis person! I'm a person!'

new ych: your sona dancing to kabier is mfing gone with crab rave meme

fkidjeidk i woke up and the nearby school's band was playing fuckin despacito wtf is this

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