Does anyone know artists in the EU that do art full time as their work? Wife is still looking for someone to ask questions of.

I'm hard pressed to come up with local artists at all, only one I can think of is right now @Niks and I don't think they're full time xd

@fl4nn @Niks basically we are trying to get a feel for how an artist structures their business to be full time there as we want to restructure ours to make sense for proposing to be a freelancer / entrepreneur and qualify for a visa

@kamiten @fl4nn im not a fulltime artist unfortunately, I barely get clients so its more of a side hustle while I work on getting something more stable. My advice would be to look up rules/regulations per country, I dont think EU has a perfectly standardised freelancer rule, so its best to do detail work.

@Niks @fl4nn Well the reason I frames it as EU is because the sales itself would be similar as a unified market. Specifically we are looking at setting up business in the Netherlands, but with the EU as a big trade bloc it didn't seem necessary to restrict the question to just there

@kamiten @fl4nn I would still recommend looking up Dutch specific rules and regulations as you will fall under their jurisdiction to gain access to the market, knowing your home base before the entire territory so to speak? there are a bunch of taxes and such specific to the netherlands I believe so getting the right start nationally will at least prevent you from having Dutch Belastingdienst/taxes department problems.

@Niks ooh it's not a concern about rules or taxes. She is a full time artist in the states, but most of her business comes in from internet sources and involves shipping goods domestically in the states. A lot of her questions are about how that would be different there as she'd presumably lose a lot of US based business over shipping costs.

@kamiten Oooh!! i see!! my bad then I'm sorry 😅 I'm afraid I don't know much about that. For costs of shipping locally and internationally within the EU from the Netherlands i think you can find the prices here for PostNL (dutch equivalent to USPS)

But I'm afraid i don't really know much else on the matter;; good luck to you and your gf!!

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