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I do not have access to my work email outside of office hours and I think that's beautiful.

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I should write another post since I lost the original from last year

Hi I'm Kamiten, a leucistic Aberts squirrel. I'm about as boring as it gets; a cishet white guy. I've been involved in for about 22 years now; my closest friends since high school have nearly all been LGBT.

My main hobbies are , , , and . I'm also very into renewable and permaculture technologies and all things electric; particularly transportation.

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uspol, mh- 

I mean, I get it, nobody should be allowed to ignore it. It's a massive step backwards; another lurch towards religious fascism.

But right now my mental health is run ragged and that was before the overturn even happened. I was already an anxious, head-punching wreck this morning and having constant streams of horrific political news that I can do absolutely nothing about doesn't help.

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Hey, folks, I know you're all angry, but please CW your pol.

A little worried about job prospects in NL for myself now. Talked to a recruiter at the most obvious place to work given my niche work for the last 15 years. Was told that they require fluent Dutch and i am... far from that. Doing my best to learn it while still living in a near only English speaking place. I may have to just try to slide into whatever i can find which I'm okay with but the pay cut will be even steeper than expected.

When you look up someone and they've not posted for over a year. :C

I hope friend is well.

Appetite, medical maybe? 

My bodies internal signaling seems to be all messed up. I don't know when I'm hungry or thirsty, then I'm suddenly feeling malnourished and dizzy. Right after i eat (without appetite) i start feeling hungry and bloated. I'm carrying water around with me just to remind myself to drink because i don't feel thirsty now, i just start feeling faint.

Pork Satay, dinner photo 

Tonight i made pork Satay for the first time and it came out wonderful.

oops time to catch up on the last two days. Took dogs toa friend that we have seen in 3-4 years to meet his dog and talk shop. He's interested in finding a way to hire me remotely when i move to the Netherlands. Still feels a bit nebulous, but maybe we can make it work. Dogs had a great time and masse a new friend. Photos after this post.

Extremely productive morning. Sorted paperwork, cleaned some house things, sold some things i wanted to get rid of. Time to shower and get ready for another 16 hour shift. What is sleep

Cancelling plans with friends because of weather feels bad when everyone wants to hangout before you leave the country but you are still only doing outside things because pandemic rages uncontrolled and barely monitored.

It's such a nice day that I ruined by not sleeping. XD

I feel absolutely terrible whoops

After bicycling *one day* in the Netherlands everytime i see someone biking on the crap infrastructure we have here in the US i think about how brave they are and wish them well.

My rose bush is very enthusiastic this year. I may not have trimmed it back enough.

Just NL immigration things 

Decided to pay for an immigration lawyer even though our plan to immigrate to the Netherlands looks fairly straightforward. Glad i did, though it's extra costs the experience he brings from doing this all the time is invaluable. We are getting important steps lined up and done by someone in the Netherlands so when my wife moves there she can get the ball rolling near immediately. It's taken out a chunk of the stress from this.

sort of covid sort of mental health 

I'm kind of convinced that if I get covid a 3rd time it will be the end of me, even as the second time was almost a non-event. Don't want to keep rolling the dice on this potentially disabling or death virus.

inventorying the things taking up my fridge and i have five jars of different pickles!?!

Ohh, you grew up in the 90s did you? Name 3 great movies that are regarded as terrible.

Images of food 

I love sharing food (and photos of food) I make and i forgot to post yesterday's photogenic meal.

Yesterday was homemade Indian, with grilled Tandoor Chicken, saag paneer and cumin rice.

The last photo is tonight's meal. Grilled pork chop and grilled zucchini, with a sage garlic and cheese spaetzel.

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