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I should write another post since I lost the original from last year

Hi I'm Kamiten, a leucistic Aberts squirrel. I'm about as boring as it gets; a cishet white guy. I've been involved in for about 22 years now; my closest friends since high school have nearly all been LGBT.

My main hobbies are , , , and . I'm also very into renewable and permaculture technologies and all things electric; particularly transportation.

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Would be nice if coworkers planned their time off rather than jumping ship in December when they realize they still haven't used PTO.

Anyway just found out today that I work every single day from now through December 21st. That's when my next weekend is.

I don't think I've mentioned it yet but I saw Knives Out and it was a wonderful story. Beautiful amount of intrigue and suspense and never quite knowing what will happen next. My only complaint could also be seen as a strength; in true "Clue" form every character archetype was incredibly obvious from the get go. It did clock in at 2 hours without having to explain anyone, though.

Cell phone company plan price 

If you see someone strutting around in Flanders, Belgium with this, please respect their boundaries if you compliment them on their excellent taste in t-shirts.

@kamiten to my knowledge, you're right, yes. Especially the abenaki since they arent federally recognized

This dog is a goof 

Got snow?

Only six more trailers like this one left to shovel!

Birdsite discourse of the day, furry edition, con hygeine 

So PeerTube has become a haven for racist and neo nazis.


I had intended to see Knives Out this afternoon but uhhh it's still snowing. I might be sick here until I have to go to work this evening.

2 second dog video in snow 

My puppy is having a joy in the 8 inches or so of snow we got so far. I'll get a video if I can. Leaps and bounds!

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