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I should write another post since I lost the original from last year

Hi I'm Kamiten, a leucistic Aberts squirrel. I'm about as boring as it gets; a cishet white guy. I've been involved in for about 22 years now; my closest friends since high school have nearly all been LGBT.

My main hobbies are , , , and . I'm also very into renewable and permaculture technologies and all things electric; particularly transportation.

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I've condensed the greater percentage of myself into one meme:

Sick, dark humor 

I keep thinking about how the worlds heaviest EV never has to charge because it's a dump truck whose work is bringing rocks down off a mountain. The regenerative braking gains so much going down with a full load that returning up the mountain empty uses less energy.

Well I'm getting a new antibiotic and a third OTC drug recommendation. If I get worse or don't improve they're going to throw me into a CAT scanner where I assume they'll learn squirrels aren't cats.

**"We're Still Here": Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration Reflects Ongoing Resistance to Colonization**

"Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas 527 years ago this week, unleashing a brutal genocide that killed tens of millions of Native people across the hemisphere. Cities and states across the country are acknowledging this devastating history by rejecting the federal holida…"

#news #bot

happy indigenous people's day, motherfuckers 

Today we honor Indigenous Peoples' Day and absolutely nothing else.

Sick again.

Or at least never recovered enough and now backtracking. So I'm going to the doctor's again before I'm back where I started.

Happy Indigenous People's Day to @TonyaSong @Bashabez5 @Ryntastic @Mari_Kurisato and all other Native People who see this.

Its indigenous peoples day, youre a colonizer if you dont boost my posts

Friendship ended with The Internet. Now Inner Demons are new Best Friend.

I need to go home, hug dogs, and sleep. In that order.

This is not, btw, anything like a home I'd design. But it is literally THE house that enchanted me as a kid and got me interested in earth sheltered houses. I used to play TurboGrafx16 in the room at the top of the spiral staircase.

God it's so painfully late 70s/early 80s design

OH MY GOD. Not only did I find the other earth sheltered home I knew of from my childhood but it's CURRENTLY FOR SALE. With photos inside.

I found one of the two via satellite imagery. So at least one of them still exists.

Man I remember there being two earth sheltered homes that I knew about as a kid just in Putney VT alone. But I can't find anything at all about them online. Makes me want to go driving to where I remember they were.

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