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I do not have access to my work email outside of office hours and I think that's beautiful.

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I should write another post since I lost the original from last year

Hi I'm Kamiten, a leucistic Aberts squirrel. I'm about as boring as it gets; a cishet white guy. I've been involved in for about 22 years now; my closest friends since high school have nearly all been LGBT.

My main hobbies are , , , and . I'm also very into renewable and permaculture technologies and all things electric; particularly transportation.

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What have you got? A knife!!! 

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What have you got? A knife!!! 

alcohol, food 

Me: doctor, it hurts when I do this
Doctor: stop doing that
Me: fuck you, don't tell me what to do

i think its funny when people assume most americans personally benefit from imperialism. i dont know if you have noticed but it is not great to live here

it's a short day at work for overtime but we're looking to solve extra problems slightly outside of scope just so we can legitimize a full day of pay

I need to figure out how to get my body measurements

Yall should be commissioning @ljames if you want good Telegram stickers. They can take them from idea to finished product so fast, and adorably!

zapatistas under pressure, solidarity request 

Who knew all the US gov't had to do to get a facial recognition snapshot of all the leftists was make an anime filter?


My October is going to be intense. October is my favorite month of the year, not least because my birthday kicks it off (October 1st!!) and then my favorite Holiday closes it out (Halloween!!!). This year I'm probably going to continue on this intense schedule at work, a mandatory safety training that's also for work, and then a road trip halfway across the country. We are going to covid test, isolate, then go see in-laws who we were supposed to vacation to Germany with this year. makeup trip.

Keep thinking about tomorrow but I need to hit that grindstone today.

breakfast chitter 

I can't wait to get this winter cloak made I keep thinking about it. Need to take body measurements for the tailor.

Normalize changing your birth name to whatever name you'd like. Whether trans or cis, a name should fit you.

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