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I should write another post since I lost the original from last year

Hi I'm Kamiten, a leucistic Aberts squirrel. I'm about as boring as it gets; a cishet white guy. I've been involved in for about 22 years now; my closest friends since high school have nearly all been LGBT.

My main hobbies are , , , and . I'm also very into renewable and permaculture technologies and all things electric; particularly transportation.

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I've condensed the greater percentage of myself into one meme:

The music from Kaiba continues to haunt me. There's something pleasant and unusual about it that keeps me coming back to it. It creeps into my head when I'm not expecting it.

Excited to see Boston to New Hampshire commuter rail has entered the next phase today (engineering/design and independent cost benefit analysis). Maybe in three years we can start breaking ground in Nashua.

Dear Journal,
Today I did Not get murdered by a dragon. It was a good day, despite the dice never rolling my way.
A rogue

All I know is this is Very Important and I keep suggesting I get this or that and being told these are faux pas but they look like the same thing I'm being shown. 😲💦

Going to a friend's wedding soon and don't know what to wear. They sent me a style guide to men's wedding suits and... They all look the same to me. I have no sense of style I guess. The tuxedo doesn't look any different from the casual sports jacket and suit pant look. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dog photo, climbing in the bed 

Hello! I am currently doing $25 Playing Card commissions! my DMs are open and my queue is clear!! So let me know =)

I never wanted to believe that my Dad was stealing from his job as a road worker. But when I got home, all the signs were there.

Fedi is like a comedy show and a burlesque show and an art show and a TED talk and a court trial all going on at once, on the same stage, and all the participants are engaged in each of those all at the same time.

whew I think the only pressing thing still on my to do list today is getting tux measurements for a friends wedding in two weeks. n.n

Thinking about getting another free pizza on the way home later. :blobeyes:

Work is making me watch these basic IT security videos and I love the 3D model they're using for an "attacker threat hacker."

also a wee thing from my archives circa a few months ago

Budgeting, grumpy 

Budgeting, grumpy 

I'm going to be spending more of September in Florida than at home. This would be nice if it wasn't September.

Please read @Bashabez5's thread about the history of his tribe from colonisation to today. And know that if you're anywhere in the US or Canada, it's likely that the local tribe has a similar set of stories.
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(I don't normally quotetoot but seems important to give some context here:)

@sean writes the Fediverse's news site @blog, the excellent instance on PeerTube, and runs lots of other projects promoting decentralised social media. He provides these free of charge, but now needs our help.

If you are able to support his good work, please give him a hand 👍

Details of how you can send support in the post below:

Thank you

@dankwraith solar power that has a twinkier energy. those panels are discrete. hyperlink radio

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