Hypothesis: a programming language having a mascot is a warning sign.
- Perl 6: Camelia the butterfly (and Perl 5 had camels)
- PHP: the elePHPant
- (I don't think Python actually has a snake *mascot*, just a logo.)
- Java: Duke, the...whatever, that Sun licensed out in an almost pleading appeal for fanart (web.archive.org/web/2007061807)
- Go: the Gopher which eats all your descriptive variable names

The only outlier is Rust's crab, Ferris, which makes me uneasy about that otherwise green-looking grass over there from my mascotless fields of C++. Other perfectly reasonable mascotless languages include TypeScript and Haskell, for the negative hypothesis. Maybe type safety is incompatible with fun.

...C needs a mascot.


@LionsPhil there's also unofficial mascots to check out! I'm partial towards the list alien web.archive.org/web/2019052120 cause its silly

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