A commission for Webster... you're totally allowed to park it there, yeah?  [2022]

You stepped into the right red-light room to meet Streaks! @streaksskunk [2022]

Something to get back into the groove after being unable to work for days. [2022]

Story's the name, and... stories, it would seem, are the game! [2022]

SoundJake wears summertime fashions from... somewhere! [2022]

Vera's just getting some air, the party's a little too stuffy, you understand. [2022]

Slightly experimental commission for Samson & Nara. [2022]

Foolish April commission for Weathervane of this dashing wereyeen. [2022]

Commission for Oxley. I remember this one specifically because it was the very first order I got after I went full-time, and I was so excited that I finished it that same day. [2015]

Very early GIF commission, perhaps the first I actually took money to animate. [2015]

Your mother and I think you should leave. [2015]

Trade piece for @Haxardagron, featuring Hammock. There is an animated GIF version of this somewhere, but I seem to have lost it... [2019]

Another piece with Hammock and Zillion - don't remember if this was a gift or a commission... [2017]

Gift piece for Zillion, one of Hammock's biggest fans. [2015]

Hammock never had a "canon" per se, but I did decide fairly early on that he's a waiter at an upscale restaurant. [2015]

CJ (Foxydude) gets a little one-on-one with Hammock, in this older piece. [2017]

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