Now you can get Hammock in pillowcase form, perhaps even to keep on your hammock, at the JAIYANDT store!

Today on Thursday Twitch, it's the cover art for ATW#5! Starting at 12:00 PST:

Shiro runs into Summer at a bar, and is promptly destroyed. [2019]

Commission for Searing, in some of my rarer hues. [2019]

Reference for JerichoWing, the dinahsawer. [2019]

It's hard getting around these busy streets, in a commission for Dex. [2019]

Big-sized commission for TemporalWalker, featuring their cloudy character Cirrus. [2019]

Twenty men had tried to take her, twenty men had made a slip. [2021]

It's a typical Saturday in Midnight, in this commission for Alistor. [2019]

You can chase him if you want, but it's a challenge. [2020]

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