This should also be hitting Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and most other online stores/streaming services sometime within the next 24 hours!

If you like synthy, buzzy, loud EDM in the vein of Nero and Pendulum (or thereabouts) with a dash of synthwave thrown in, I would really appreciate it if you checked it out! 💖 🦊 💚

effusive praise, fictional death mention 

effusive praise, fictional death mention 

@icefoxx holy shit that is some dope DnB on the last track, I put it on one of my playlists. Also reminds me of Netsky a bit? You should definitely go down that synthwave+dnb path more, it’s a sound I haven’t heard before and I love it.

Also I’m gonna be THAT person and ask what synths you’re using.

@ossifrage Oh no! I'm sorry I didn't see this reply until now 😩

Neon Mist Escape is very sample heavy. A lot of the ambient stuff in the beginning and end is sampled from a track called "Read My Mind" by Citizens Already, a project that a coworker and I released back in 2012. I took some of her vocal stems and my synths and used Paul Stretch to stretch them out super far. The result is that dreamy ambient synth sound.

@icefoxx hah, that’s nice! It’s a great track.

@icefoxx was tempted to get a Mutable Instruments Clouds to do something similar. Sample mangling like that is really interesting to me.

@ossifrage I've always liked the idea of sample mangling, but haven't done too much with it actually :O

@icefoxx awesome! I still wanna hear more synthwave/dnb mashups, might have to do it myself. >.>

@ossifrage Yeah, currently I'm working on some kind of synthwave/vaporwave project and I don't even know what's going to come of it. I'm taking a little breather from DnB. Will probably be back at it again though!

@icefoxx cool! I’m trying to get back into it after many years focusing on work stuff. Currently building a modular synth. >.>

@ossifrage That's cool! I just use synths, I don't know where to begin with building them, and I'm okay with that xD

@ossifrage As far as what synths I use, basically the standard ones that come with Reason. So, the Subtractor, Malström, and Thor synths appear on the EP.

@ossifrage Oh! And I also used the Parsec synth on "Real Virtuality"

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