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Hi! I'm Ice Foxx, but you can call me Jamie if you want! I'm a cyberpunk transfem vixen that likes to occasionally make music, take pictures, design websites, and write code. I love fursuiting and I can be rubbery from time to time!

Here are some of the places you can find me!


Been a while, but I poked at this song again tonight

It has some synths and it's pretty chill. I think I need to decompress a bit after the high energy Korrent City EP.

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Streaming a bit of Elder Scrolls Online tonight if anyone wants to hang out

I also uploaded this to SoundCloud. I would prefer if you bought it on BandCamp or listened on Spotify or something (because then I actually get paid lol), but it's there for those who do the SoundCloud thing!

Oh hey! I just remembered I have stems of these tracks if anyone wants to do a remix! Just let me know and I'll hook you up!

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This should also be hitting Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and most other online stores/streaming services sometime within the next 24 hours!

If you like synthy, buzzy, loud EDM in the vein of Nero and Pendulum (or thereabouts) with a dash of synthwave thrown in, I would really appreciate it if you checked it out! 💖 🦊 💚

Also, I'm releasing my new EP in just over two hours on Bandcamp! AHHHHHH!!!!

I spent my entire tax refund on queer gear things today.

I just placed an order for a new latex catsuit, and I put a down payment on a custom fox inspired helmet from Garuda Workshop! Ahhhh!

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