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In addition to all these places, I've also set up a Patreon! As of right now you can get high-res photos from my photoshoots, pre-release music, sneak peaks of the music I'm working on!


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Hi! I'm Ice Foxx, but you can call me Jamie if you want! I'm a cyberpunk transfem vixen that likes to occasionally make music, take pictures, design websites, and write code. I love fursuiting and I can be rubbery from time to time!

Here are some of the places you can find me!


patreon link 

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Hey folks! It's and I just uploaded a chill new song to ease yourself into the week.

rubber, latex, photography, techwear, gasmask 

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rubber, latex, photography, suggestive touching, techwear, gasmask 

My favourite season
Why must you be so fleeting?
Hoodies are back in

music wip, chill 

music wip, chill 

gltichy video effect, makeup app selfie, eye contact 

90s audio hardware, green day, screenshots 

diablo ii screenshot, video game gore, stream layout 

Bondage, latex/rubber, eye contact, furry art 

Since it's now @icefoxx 's birthday I can post my gift, which is a faux PS1 a e s t h e t i c y cover based on one of her songs, "Beach Drive"! Happy Birthday!! (Background in the image is by the ever aesthetic Hiroshi Nagai)

I'll always forget a word in my toots. I just have accept that.

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The resolution of album art for my copy of The Matrix soundtrack is very Of The Time Period and I'm never changing it.

portuguese meme I found of my fursuit, pentagram 

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