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In addition to all these places, I've also set up a Patreon! As of right now you can get high-res photos from my photoshoots, pre-release music, sneak peaks of the music I'm working on!


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Hi! I'm Ice Foxx, but you can call me Jamie if you want! I'm a cyberpunk transfem vixen that likes to occasionally make music, take pictures, design websites, and write code. I love fursuiting and I can be rubbery from time to time!

Here are some of the places you can find me!


rubber, latex, drone, gas mask, school girl outfit 

music, synthwave, synthrock, soundcloud link, patreon link 

music, synthwave, synthrock, soundcloud link, patreon link 

rubber, latex, catsuit, photo, aesthetic, print info 

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rubber, latex, catsuit, gas mask, drone, photos 

rubber, latex, catsuit, photo, vaporwave?, aesthetic 

rubber, latex, drone, cybervixen, helmet, suggestive rubber, video 

Plotted out some basic materials for my new VR Chat avatar and modelled the inside of the mouth. It's coming together slowly.

Here's a bit from the middle of the song I've been working on! I wasn't kidding about the amount of guitar!

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Here's the intro of the piece I'm currently working on.

This track has the most guitar in it out of any piece I've written before :0

sfw furry art, latex, rubber 

So, remember about a month ago when stuff about the Linux Fox Girl went around? Someone reportedly tracked down Alan Mackey, and got his blessing on giving her a name (Xenia), and accidentally confirmed the character to be trans.

Source: has an absolutely gigantic bundle of games out now, with all money going tothe NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund!

There is lots of great stuff in there, and also lots of extremely weird stuff. Extremely recommended.

I might shave the sides of my head today we'll see :0

Not ready to call it done, but here's a remix WIP I've been working on this weekend

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