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Heya, kinda new to Mastodon, came here after monster.pit shut down since a few people I followed were from here. Open to interactions and DMs ๐Ÿ’•

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goo girl bee! (new art!) 

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*jumps on your bed*
*hugs you with my dreadfully cold hands*

Perfect weather to just be a kitty, nya nya nya thatโ€™s it

Perfect weather to grab your tail at the worst time

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Silly catposting 

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Reminder: Be the hiss you want to see in the world

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Hi everyone, I'm Zip!! I'm a disabled non-binary artist in my mid-20s, because of my disability, art and tips are my only source of income until i can get on SSDI.

There are several ways you can help support me while i work towards getting federal aid:

1) Commissions: (gallery is NSFW)
2) Patreon:
i plan to pay A Lot of attention to my patreon, including giving away free art monthly

3) Tips:$SCoyote

Feel free to DM me about commissions, they're open almost all the time and I usually have monthly specials

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anyone know any furry artists that make ref sheets of new fursonas? budget is around $100 usd

boosts very much appreciated :boost_ok:โ€‹

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Perfect weather to brush the dog-people

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*push you on the bed and flomps on you*

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lewd, cyberpunk 

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