nsfw, danganronpa 2, danganronpa 3, very skinny person 

hehe cockmaeda

nsfw, dubcon 

man, flirting sure is different these days...

nsfw, drug use, feral? 

this guy is the worst to smoke with, he just wants to ask riddles and fuck.

nsfw, body modification 

i want a pump for my dick so fuckin bad...

implied nsfw, ovi 

"don't skip egg day!" is this anything?

nsfw, threesome, dubcon 

be careful when you summon demons!

nsfw, public sex, oral sex 

so glad i got this done before midnight! I hope everyone had a good Pride.

wip, nsfw 

hopefully i can get this one done before the end of the month!

nsfw, bdsm, bondage, chastity 

it was really fun learning how to draw bruises for this!

nsfw, wip 

now, the dilemma.,.. how the hell do i draw bruises/blood/riding crop marks on fur?

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nsfw, wip 

was busy today, but managed to get more work in on this one.

nsfw, wip, bondage 

recently the bdsm switch in my brain got flipped to "on"

nsfw, ponyplay, bondage 

cannot BELIEVE i forgot to hit "post" on this... for HOURS!

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