the japanese word for lightning is inazuma 稲妻

you'll never guess what the individual kanji mean

Who do you think will be remembered longer as a fuckup, Hegelochus? Or the person piloting the Evergreen boxship?

mh, plurality, (-) 

feels like every day we wake up and wonder "is today the day we stop sayin' we're plural and stop the charade of playin pretend as dumb little characters"

physical health, doctors, positive 


medical validation? feels... amazin'....

Under the guise of "defending" against China & the DPRK, the US has occupied & militarized all of Asia + the Pacific. There's a “third island chain” of Alaska, Hawaii & Aotearoa. Some are pushing for a “fourth island chain” in South Asia & even a “fifth island chain” in E Africa

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don't feel right, somethin just, feels wrong

dunno what, it just feels off and has for quite a few days

x-files rewatch, s2.e2. 

@heartsnatch : "Why does Skinner care about Mulder?"
me: "Deep-seated dreams of being an action hero, lived out vicariously through hot young twink."

lewd, breasts 

I like the idea of having really really really huge boobs SITUATIONALLY

like not all the time, i like having kinda small boobs

But like a tit expansion scenario? Mmmmmf

character idea:
orange cat anthro who comes out as a trans woman and finds that hrt gives her brains :P


zagreus @ artemis: hello, i—
artemis: i'm gay. i like girls. i'm big lezb. you know that, right? me and all these nymphs here: polycule. i spend all my time in the woods, alone with my girls.

nsfw, kink, horny 


titpreg pls? for gobbo today?

if you use a slang term for bird genitals is that a cloaquialism

US presidential inauguration 

noooo, Bill Clinton is a "nose over mask" guy, haha wouldn't it be so sad if that was what sent him back to the dirt

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US presidential inauguration 

Amy Klobuchar has big "evil wizard advisor to the king" energy

Amy Klobuchar is going to do so many dark sorceries from the shadows

she has so many magick orbs ready to ensorcel her foes

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US presidential inauguration 

why is Amy Klobuchar sitting ten feet away from Biden

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US presidential inauguration 

no Garth please don't do Amazing Grace wrong like this you are not singing it good

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