I want someone to pet my ears because I'm a gobbo and i deserve everything

found a piece of wood at the park and am carvin' it into a little tiny cup

first time ever whittling anything

turns out the wood is honey locust, which is SUPER hard

so hand carving is....difficult, but fun

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fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving
fuck thanksgiving

Wait is the argument that we should be grateful for settler-ass holidays because they are preferable to being dead from covid?? I want to teach a class just on this argument, what a stunner

yeah i'm sure thankful i'm still here because my direct ancestors were lucky enough to not get hunted down by settlers in california when the state was paying out bounties for our heads and scalps, or from the smallpox that the filthy settlers brought with them

far more of my people were massacred because invading fuckers wanted our land and resources than the total of people who've died from covid

you can take actions to avoid covid. my people couldn't avoid systemic slaughter

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imagine being such a little shitbrain you tell an indigenous person #onhere to "be thankful" they're still here when they express disdain for a holiday that emerged from a literal act of cold-blooded genocide of their indigenous cousins and set the tone for the treatment of all indigenous americans because there's people who can't celebrate thanksgiving due to having died from covid

like... not even close to comparable. quite literally fuck yourself into the sun

The biggest reason I see many people seemingly uninterested in arguments for prison abolition on the grounds of empathy and vicarious perspective is because those same people refuse to acknowledge incarcerated individuals to be in possession of personhood. It's the exact same reason these people see no issue with industrial farming. They see things in cages and rationalize that they are beasts, thus the environment suits them.

For many years, I didn't realize that the phrase "kid gloves" referred to soft baby goatskin gloves and instead thought it meant the boxing gloves one might use to fight a child

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How should my Transformers OC's name be spelled


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among gobbos, horseplay is a gender neutral and lifelong activity

you push your brother off a rock and he giggles and says "wow that hurt!!! do it again!"

executing the bourgeoisie is harm reduction

Next Time On KSBD: violence continues to escalate at the old folks home

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