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hi i'm milian idk what I'm doing with my life 🙃

my fursona's a Humboldt's hog-nosed skunk and I don't have much good art of him that isn't NSFW. don't ask me for his ref it's embarrassingly outdated. :')

here's a photo instead

drdp?, caps 

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I just noticed the age on my profile needed updating my bad

how tf do old west bandits keep their bandanas from falling down off their noses

the screen I wait on for a post to load on tusky is pretty hilarious

I can't get any good diet soda at work anymore. used to have diet A&W and diet Dr. pepper here, now it's "don't like diet coke, diet Pepsi, or coke zero? well fuck you! 🙂"

as soon as I posted this somebody liked my profile from 700km away wtf

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I keep opening howlr, messaging no one, then closing howlr

I think I can hear my downstairs neighbor snoring 😐

now that I'm back on mastodon, gimme follow recommendations

I haven't been able to get legally blonde songs out of my head the past week

jodel sucks but the rest of the yik yak alternatives got nobody on em

my memory is shite but if your words give me a big hit of dopamine ima remember them a long while

Is This Insomnia Or Am I Just Up Early Because I Slept All Day

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