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Allow me to reintroduce myself for the new furs. Hello nya'll, i'm Skye! I'm 22, a gender fluid but mostly trans gal (She/her) that lives in Washington. I'm currently studying to be a Psychologist.

I'm also an artist!

My fursona is a named Skye and was a grey fox but has become a marble fox for an indefinite amount of time!

Nice to meet you all!

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my heart breaks every time i wake up and see my plushies on the could i have hurt them like this....?

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Ref sheet for Skye! I'm sorry, I need to learn how to detach my characters from myself...

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I don't mean to hide my art blog, I just forget about it! Take a look if you like!

Got a large sum refunded to me from college due to COVID-19 reducing tuition, so I finally splurged and bought a Huion Kamvas~

I had a stress from school for a month but now im okay


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bro quit staring at that hole its so cringe, come play Apex Legends with me bro

Fall has barely started! there are still leaves on trees!!!

i woke up and its 30 degrees outside and the weather app says snow tomorrow yo what the fuck Washington

especially the courses that are, y'know, completely online and i would like to know what to expect

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love it when my instructors dont post the courses online before the 1st day, really love it

me: if i'm not hurting anyone, i dont see why my interests/fetishes should matter to anyone and fuck'em if it does.
also me: *crying* s-someone...dislikes...meeee.....

I tried something i never thought i would try tonight and it felt really good and im happy, thats all.

Forgot to mention, i got my own apartment this year for college! I finished unpacking yesterday.

some tech idiots somewhere: we should get rid of the usb 2 function for smart phone plugs and move to usb c wall outlet cables

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