alright yall i wanna know how many of you csme out / realized u werent cis after joining mastodon boost for visibility pls !

for the purpose of the poll being nonbinary is under the trans umbrella ! -me, nonbinary

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for those who came out or are questioning after joining: what brought you to that? how has masto/fedi helped with this?

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@girl Joined questioning, am enby. I didn't really realise what the whole enby thing was before I joined here, which is why I was questioning because I now realise I'm not a full girl.

@girl joined trans, but then changed to a different flavour of trans lol

@girl I've joined the Fediverse (not "Mastodon", whatever that is) cis and stayed cis

Hitting that third wine getting ready for the appointment about it, actually.

@girl joined trans but it wasn't long after another place made me realize

Joined the fediverse cis, but turns out I'm trans

@girl I was already kind of questioning but I remember someone saying "if u want to be enby u can just be enby" and I was like okay nice

@girl pretty much just integrating myself with enbys and binary trans people and talking to them about their experiences! also being exposed to a greater variety of masculine gender expression and stuff shoved me into accepting the fact that I am gay for boys sometimes

@girl fedi is the only environment where i actually get to talk to people who are comfortable talking about trans/nb identity, and in general its much safer to explore here compared to twitter for example

Mastodon basically confirmed my enbieness and reinforced my lesbianess

@girl we don't have polls yet but i joined trans

@girl Joined cis, am fluid. Does that fall under the third option or none?

D. But I'm now much more aware of trans people.

@girl put down joined trans, although technically i am enby/agender.

@girl i don't have polls on my instance, but joined trans!

@girl joined agender, then trans, then whatever the fuck i am now

joined warewolf, chased witches, now i'm a toadstool.

@girl I don't consider myself trans but I joined very shortly after realizing I was nonbinary, specifically after going looking somewhere to talk with folks about that experience :) Masto seemed like it had a lot of cool queer and enby and trans folk so this is where I settled.

@girl joined cis, am cis, but what this place did was just help me understand and respect my trans friends better. I know I still slip up here and there, but I still try my best to be respectful.

. @girl LBT, joined Genderfluid Woman who definitely does not need to do any social or physical transition, am Nonbinary Man who socially transitioned and soon to physical?

@girl haven't upgraded my instance for polls yet, but:
☑️ joined trans

Twitter, Reddit, Slack, and Discord are where i figured my shit out but then i came here because Twitter was full of ads, TERFs, bad news, and Discourse, and i was just done

@girl but did the cis understanding what to answer ?

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