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fuck this shit please incorporate zie/zir pronouns when talking to/about me, she/her work IN ADDITION but if you exclusively use them im gonna give you the worlds biggest side eye

little update from my time over in twitterland my temperature is at like 99.7 and i have a bit of a cough but i do also have allergy symptoms so idk

think i might actually be done on mastodon. it was a lot of fun, i won't forget y'all, but my time is long past.

too many ppl on this website have toes :/ figure yr shit out pls!!!!

got all the fuckin way down town and realized that i didnt bring my headphones aaaa

good charlotte voice: this is the anthem suck all your toes off

i literally got into my car and this shit was playing fuck you

(video description: turn the page playing, looking at a radio. i sing along)

Bro yea im tooting... u toot too?? damn... thats got me.... wow. oof.... u got kik...?

i think workin drive thru and giving customers full unquestioned access to your brain is extremely bad for someone

FELLAS i literally just now listening to my igor vinyl found out it has a hidden track not on spotify

*about to have sex, taking out my dick*
me: content warning. my dick and balls
partner: show more

horny, nudes, boost+++ 

alc mention 

getting salmonella to be relevant on this webaite again. who else wants some.

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