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fuck this shit please incorporate zie/zir pronouns when talking to/about me, she/her work IN ADDITION but if you exclusively use them im gonna give you the worlds biggest side eye

discussion topic: does two door cinema club fuck?

hi i made some art would people want to see it

rolling back up to the modded minecraft machine to play it nonstop for 3 days then not launch it for months

Turns out Jesus IS a Communist after all, but, specifically, a Trot. You win some you lose some.

teeth, blood 

hi everyone im somewhat worried right now but i dont know why

are we still allowed to shit on this website?

Teachers are all evil! Fuck school! I am 34 years old and in a pop punk band

just watched akira... i hope that doesn't happen! that's no good

proud to announce that i am both genderfluid and beautiful. i plan on never changing, ever, despite the protests, pleas, and demands of local authorities.

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