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need some emotional support rn. light me the fuck up. fire the friendship lasers.

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dude isnt gender neutral oh my god shut up shut up im not a dude im not a man im not a guy stop calling me that i dont care if you say its gender neutral its fucking nottttttt

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fuck this shit please incorporate zie/zir pronouns when talking to/about me, she/her work IN ADDITION but if you exclusively use them im gonna give you the worlds biggest side eye

Gender Reveal implies the existence of Gender Stealth

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not doing too great. lots of badd stuff i gotta do.

the witness??? more like the shittness! that dang game is all maze puzzles, ya dingus!

does anyone wanna play ultimate chicken horse

finished listening to Unbearable by Paul Baribeau. any recommendations similar to that? whiny ish man with a guitar singing and stuff? please don't say the mountain goats i have seen them live twice i know about the mountain goats

"let's raise a toast to steven, best baker I ever met"

*swaying men hold heated sourdough aloft*

if i kneeewwww what was wroooooooong i would tell you!!!!

lesbians boost this so i can follow more lesbians

jamming out to OutKast - Hey Ya! and doing my best to ignore the coming doom, hbu

[showing up covered in triangles of paint to a meeting about german poets of the modern era] ah fuck i misheard didnt i

kissing yr girl and washing ur cast iron skillet with heavy duty soap

record execs: ok is it about infinite jest
colin meloy, walking directly out of the room: ill be right back

colin meloy: ok so ive got a new double album
record executives: ok but no more songs about old timey sex work
colin meloy: ok so ive got an album
record execs: and no period pieces, tales of revenge, or plucky youth
colin meloy: ok so i have a single

Any #women out there need me to explain anything to them? I'm trying to be a better #ally and I think this might be the best way I can help.

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