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fuck this shit please incorporate zie/zir pronouns when talking to/about me, she/her work IN ADDITION but if you exclusively use them im gonna give you the worlds biggest side eye

thinking about the twilight baseball scene again. why did they make baseball so horny

@root if my newborn child can't skate by day 2 of their flimsy little life then im fucking out of there lol bye

the biggest problem im facing rn as a poster is that hhh from liturgy came out as a trans woman so i cant make jokes about here any more

the issue with bird website is that my acct blew up a few times so now im used to the instant feedback from a bunch of nerds i dont know

anyone here like jokes? i just found out about jokes. i didn't realize you were boosting my posts because they were "jokes" ngl

im here looking for my hunter hunt hendrix posts. twitter is bad so is life but i do value the timei s pent here, even if i am moving on as a person

hey babes im drunk and incredibly depressed do any of u still follow me

discussion topic: does two door cinema club fuck?

hi i made some art would people want to see it

rolling back up to the modded minecraft machine to play it nonstop for 3 days then not launch it for months

teeth, blood 

yall ever have ur gums bleed just randomly

hi everyone im somewhat worried right now but i dont know why

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