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fuck this shit please incorporate zie/zir pronouns when talking to/about me, she/her work IN ADDITION but if you exclusively use them im gonna give you the worlds biggest side eye

*about to have sex, taking out my dick*
me: content warning. my dick and balls
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horny, nudes, boost+++ 

alc mention 

getting salmonella to be relevant on this webaite again. who else wants some.

Aphex Twin Is Paper Mario Soundtrack For People Who think Theyre Better Than You

Legitimately: Is it worth coming back? Do y'all still care?

I also feel like at some point I just ended up becoming part of an out group, people kinda just stopped interacting with me on here. Dunno if it was moving back off of doubleshine, dunno if it was me spending way more time on the bird website. Maybe it was some wave of drama or someone I wasn't supposed to talk to anymore. I really can't tell. It's a bummer.

I believed in what we were doing here for a long time.

Dunno if I still do.

musings on mastodon as a whole 

jesus christ yall what is happening here is it even worth coming back?

meta, asking real quick to be up to speed 

man i really decided to log back on to see if my friends wanted to talk to me and instead i find out that now for a like fourth time someone might have saved all my posts about vore

so i saw that soulja boy writes his name on his sunglasses, and i thought that was actually a really good idea and decided to steal it. so now i have soulja boys name written on my glasses.

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