power rangers but like park rangers where their day job is preserving kaiju land and telling tourists not to litter food or else they'll attract godzillas

now picturing Cinco Bandito talking about kaiju with the same energy as croc hubter inbetween reminders about how she isnt Grace and also only I can prevent forest fires

@[email protected] starts scrolling through the channel guide Bleeping bleep it, you can't just describe this show and then not tell me where to watch it!

@fluxom_alt I would kick ass at this job, is the thing

three times a day, I gotta go wrestle one of them to give them their worm medicine and put on a show for the guests

@BestGirlGrace "Now this beauty is a mechaphitidae, and all 1200 tons of it is friend shaped. I, who am not Grace, will now wrestle her. Don't try this at home!"

@fluxom_alt the idea of reminding these tourists who don't really know who I or Grace am that I'm not Grace is really funny to me

@BestGirlGrace yeah it


in the dream you kept having an aside like to remind me about how much you weren't Grace and tbqh the more it happened the funnier it got

@fluxom_alt only getting in their zords to do like trail maintenance or give a kaiju their medicine

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