madoka meguca au where it's about madoka's mom being a magical girl instead

@BestGirlGrace yes and once again I insist magical girl ore is the best magical girl anime, it's even got lesboyans

@BestGirlGrace I'm so glad I watched it with you grace aksdjghalskdghaslkdfh that was really fun

@fluxom_alt Yeah, it was a delight to spend time with you and watch it <3

@fluxom_alt Junko Kaname already kicks so much ass, she'd end the plot in a few episodes somehow.

@V i'm rewatching this for the first time in years and I desperately want her to just step into the plot like "hey stop being mean"

@fluxom_alt standing in front of a transparent PNG background

@fluxom_alt "Being Meguca is suffering, but it beats staying late at the office."

@fluxom_alt I'm infinitely more interested in this concept, as it sounds infinitely less depressing.

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