i've got some extremely pressing questions for lalafell DRK players regarding a certain character's height

is haurchefant still horny in the not-english localizations if your character is a lalafell

does he have to get like a telescope to see down there

ffxiv mod for lalafell players where every elezen talks with the hands-cupped-around-mouth yelling animation

if you're a lalafell does house fortemps give you a tiny lalafell shield or do they hand you a regular one and expect you to do anything useful with it

@kat regular size one so you just use it like that huge door shield from dark souls 3

@Kaffe lalafell paladins should have passage of arms but the wings are super tiny

@kat actual tactical reason to not play lalafell because their passage of arms cone is smaller

everyone like gets behind them and curls up into a ball to try and hide behind this tiny paladin


@Kaffe @kat lalafell paladins should be equippable as a shield

@fluxom_alt @Kaffe roegadyn with a lalafell PLD equipped as a shield and a lalafell DRK equipped as a sword

don't talk to me or my sons ever again, fucker

@fluxom_alt @Kaffe roegadyn monks should be able to equip a lalafell on each hand

@kat @fluxom_alt those moogle monk weapons with the little moogles on the end of ur fists but with lalafells

cw kink 

@Kaffe @kat

Lalafell 🤝 Boxing Gloves

Getting a fistfull of roegadyn hands inside them

cw kink 

@Kaffe @kat every day in the pugilist guild they import ten massive drums of lube just to coat their forearms before equipping the regulation lalafells

@fluxom_alt @kat the lala paladin casts passage of arms and their roegadyn healer picks them up and holds them out at arms length

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