@fluxom_alt Feels like he really wants those glasses to be segmented. Very "latent bug furry" vibes

@rockario O yea, he's making a statement with those. We do get to see how they actually work though and uhhhhh yeah he went the extra mile

@junebug @rockario Fella

if your bug is:

wearing striped yellow and black

has big bug eyes with questionable vision

fights to protect their queen with a shocking degree of vigor and using unorthodox strategies

that's not a bug!!! That's Harry Ord!!!

@fluxom_alt @rockario honestly i was gonna say this was just andi for most of it

@fluxom_alt looks like he stumbled through the back half of batman's rogues gallery, dressing in the dark. but like in a fun way

@irisjaycomics I gotta know.Which ones are you stealing and which one is being given to Nero

@fluxom_alt Bottom-left is pajamas, but not great for street use

@irisjaycomics I look forward to your bumblebee themed ball outfit with glee

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