@fluxom_alt i didnt get this joke till i read the image descriptions lmaoooo

@fluxom_alt @asonix FWIW, I learned a few months ago that the “mods are asleep post X” meme originated on 4chan where X was child pornography. Do with this information what you will, but for me, it’s caused me to want to give the meme a wiiiiiiiide berth.

@benhamill @fluxom_alt @asonix oh fuck did it? i mean, i knew it was from 4chan but i thought the original X was ponies, since mlp got really popular on there for some reason

@00dani @fluxom_alt @asonix Yeah. Know Your Meme doesn’t come out and say it, but if you read that and then poke around a bit more for the history you can piece it together. Of course other values of X soon followed.

4chan memes, csa adjacent mention 

@benhamill @00dani @fluxom_alt @asonix knowyourmeme.com/memes/mods-ar it does briefly mention one instance of "mods asleep post cp" in a "post sfw stuff that just happens to have the acronym c.p." joke

but the earlier origins given aren't that much better

edit: okay that preview pic is a bit much given what that acronym represents, reposting with cw

@vy vy I want you to know that this is haunting me because I can't tell if it is or is not an illegal eeveelution

@vyr @fluxom_alt rip metreon you were so cool and now ur a glorified mall. It used to have a bunch of cool stores and an arcade inside with crazy designs from the early 2000s!

@orbitiing @vyr not even a glorified mall now imo, just a target with a movie theatre attached.

I really miss the Where the Wild Things Are tbh

@fluxom_alt @orbitiing i really wish i had gotten to see it in its glorious high concept weird prime, but i got here in 2011 after they had worked out that it wasn't gonna make money 😕

@vyr @fluxom_alt same actually i have only heard stories from my gf about it

@fluxom_alt you get this one if you level up your Eevee with mountain dew

@fluxom_alt hot take: the gamer dress was cute (and @BestGirlGrace proved it)

@vyr @BestGirlGrace well, yeah, but picture eevee wearing a gamer dress

thats so cute I could die

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